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CrossSafe, A Student Safety Program for Inside Bus and Stopped School Bus to Reduce Illegal Drive-Bys Through Awareness and Enforcement

A Canadian Designed Extreme Environment School Bus Video System

Maurice Gregoire

on 23 February 2015

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Transcript of CrossSafe, A Student Safety Program for Inside Bus and Stopped School Bus to Reduce Illegal Drive-Bys Through Awareness and Enforcement

The Student School Bus Safety Program
The Extreme Environment Stop Sign Camera System Designed and Developed in Canada for Canadian Schools Buses... It Just Works!
The Ultimate is
All Drivers Stop.
In the Mean Time,
There's CrossSafe!
CrossSafe Technology is designed and patented by Teknisult Enterprises Ltd
Teknisult is a Canadian Company Centrally Located In Manitoba
CrossSafe is a Canadian Initiative from Teknisult for a Full Spectrum Video Capture Program of Drivers Passing
Stopped School Buses with the Stop Sign Extended.


for More Information
Designed, Prototyped, Patented, Manufactured & Supplied from Canada
Patented Technology
Safety Designed
Dual Image Cameras
700+ Line CCD Element
Super Fast White Balance
Hermetically Sealed
School Bus Yellow
School Bus Tolerances
Commercial Built
Extreme Environment
Humidity Control System
Custom Branding Available

TK-AV Imaging Software
Full Telemetry OSD
Google Map Location
Active GPS Mapping
Easy To Use Video Scan
Full Image Capture
Single Frame Advance
Full Screen Sizing
Event Logging
Evidence Capture
Teknisult Designed
Encrypted Video
3G/4G, WIFI Available

Designed, Developed, Patented, Manufactured and Distributed by Teknisult Enterprises Ltd
TKD DVR for In-Bus AND Stop Sign Video Capture
1. Click on [ ] on the bottom right to
expand to Full Screen
2. Use Arrow Buttons below to control presentation or press the Space Bar to Advance to next frame... Includes Audio
n.b. The AutoPlay button on the lower left will skip over the videos
Voiceover by Heather Squires
TKC-C School Bus License Plate Camera
Designed for School Buses
H.264 L10 Recording
Custom Firmware
Patented Design
Shock Mounted
Solid State Data
Double Secure
Low Power Consumption
Triple Event Triggers
GPS Mapping/Speed/G-Force
Aviation Cable Ports & Double Insulated Cables
School Bus Event Inputs & OSD Embedded Information

700 Line Low Light Colour Camera
Metal Turret Style Housing
Neutral White Powder Coated
Cut Lens for Zero IR Feedback
Enhanced Nightvision with Low Lux Element
Aviation Style Connectors
Wide Angle View
Impact & Vibration Resistant

Optional Powered Condenser Microphone

Interior Bus Cameras
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