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Social Snapshot

No description

Keanu Mahilum

on 5 April 2011

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Transcript of Social Snapshot

Social Snapshot Let's Start with some of
the classics Poems? I think so And who could forget about the plays and musicals?? The wonders of the world! Paintings! Box Office Hits! No one ever forgets
about the Classics! Sometimes we have to look at the bigger picture And think about the
important things Frankenstein -
Mary Shelley Wuthering Heights -
Emily Bronte Huckleberry Fin -
Mark Twain Romeo and Juliet -
Shakespeare Wizard of Oz -
L. Frank Baum A Christmas Carol -
Charles Dickens Titanic - James Cameron Star Wars IV - George Lucas E.T.- Steven Spielburg Toy Story - John Lasseter Harry Potter - David Yates The Matrix - Andy Wachowski Wars and Revolutions The Civil War
The Glorious Cause:
The American Revolution
World War II
Antonia: The Fall of Rome Important Documents
and Events The Great Depression
The Declaration of Independence
and the Constitution
World Country Flag Reference
The Presidential Booklist Imagine - John Lennon Stairway to Heaven - Led Zepplin Billie Jean - Michael Jackson I Feel Good - James Brown Like a Rolling Stone - Bob Dylan Jailhouse Rock - Elvis Presley Schematics: Printing Press
Diagram: Fountain Pen
Makeshift Camera
Papyrus: Instructions Flying Machine

Schematics: Morse Code (Telegraph)




Lateen Sails Schematics: Compass
Carts (Ox and Pull)
Cotton Gin Architecture Hagia Sophia Golden Gate Bridge London Sewage System Hoover Dam SS Great Eastern First Transcontinental Railroad The Colosseum The Pyramids Chichen Itza Taj Mahal Ma'an Governorate Great Wall of China Rio de Janeiro Cuzco Region American Gothic Girl with a
Pearl Earring The Mona Lisa The Kiss Starry Night Scream Washington Crossing the Delaware
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