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Finding Demographics for Grants 6/12/2013

Navigating data sources to find exactly what you need for you grant applications and how MERIC can help you along the way

Megan Segura

on 12 June 2013

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Transcript of Finding Demographics for Grants 6/12/2013

Megan Segura Finding Demographics for Grants Sources Find what you need! MERIC who? Thank you and enjoy your day!
Call or email us anytime. What if I have questions? Maurice Harris (573)522-4163 Jefferson, Franklin, St. Charles, St. Louis, St. Louis City counties Mary Shillig (573)751-3332 Darla Horman (573)751-8634 Walter Telhorst (573)751-5470 Laura Lester (573)751-3616 Tecora Duckett (573)522-6261 Megan Segura (573)751-3591 Sue Sieg (573)751-3635 Northeast Northwest West Central East Jackson County, Greater Kansas City Southeast, South Central Ozark, Southwest Central research arm of Missouri Department of Economic Development Industries Workforce Economic Conditions Business Climate LMI + EWR (Data collection) Collects industry and occupational wage data, unemployment data, and mass layoff information Analyzes LMI data and other economic data to make into useable reports and data for the public Define your area on the homepage! CLICK ME LMI EWR Navigating data sources to find exactly what you need 1. 2. Identify what you need to measure 3. 4. Find the most reputable sources Present data clearly Ask yourself... "What area will be affected?" Census Tract? City? Region? County? Metro Area? Remember... State National It doesn't mean anything without context! Compare data to different areas: What do they ask for? What didn't they ask for that you think is important? Census Easy way Choose this if you need a specific year Click after choosing *American Community Survey is every year *Census is every 10 years Data Sets Topics Keep track of your selections Expand to see all topics If you are ever in doubt Be sure to add it! Geographies Choose Results Click to see data table Results Bookmark, Print, or Download Bureau of Labor Click here Click Unemployment Both are guided searches Data Search Tools Hold Ctrl to select multiple areas Easy way to add one area at a time OR... Unemployment Rate = Unemployed Labor Force Download to Excel Pick your dates MERIC Website Using a table keeps the information organized, clear and easy to find ... it's usually required, too. But remember... it doesn't mean anything without context Supplement raw data figures with a narrative to make sure your point comes across clearly. State your case and make them care. Mass layoffs Sensitive populations Example: You're needing a piece of land remediated that could be developed as a shopping center You might want to show annual local sales tax revenues and how they have slowly declined Unemployment Poverty Income Health & welfare (Data analyzing) Unemployment, income, retail sales, and population Other helpful places Center of Disease Control & Prevention http://mcds.dese.mo.gov/quickfacts/SitePages/DistrictInfo.aspx http://www.cdc.gov/datastatistics/ http://health.mo.gov/data/index.php MO Dept. of Health & Senior Services MO Dept. of Elementary & Secondary Education Guided Search: Community Data Profiles http://bls.gov http://missourieconomy.org http://factfinder2.census.gov Statistics
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