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Thomas Gordon

No description

Katherine Bateman

on 16 October 2013

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Transcript of Thomas Gordon

Thomas Gordon
Classroom Management Theorist

By: Erin Pickens
Sara Fletcher
Katherine Bateman

Who is Thomas Gordon?
Application of The Gordon Method
Gordon: The Man
March 11, 1918-August 26, 2002
DePauw University (Bachelors)
Ohio State University (Masters)
University of Chicago (Doctorate)
Clinical psychologist
1974--Established Gordon Training International
Army Air Force 1942-1946 (During WWII)

Gordon: The Psychologist
Gordon: The Theorist
Types of Training
Parent Effectiveness Training
Teacher Effectiveness Training
Leader Effectiveness Training
Family Effectiveness Training
Began private practice
Considered one of the best and most influential classroom management theorists that had ever lived
What is the Gordon Method?
Gordon first called the model “group-centered leadership”
Emphasizes effective communication and conflict resolution using the win-win strategy
Active Listening: The skill of reflecting back the meanings and feelings of group members in order to test out the leader’s understanding of their messages (empathic listening)
“Well, I told them non-blamefully how their behavior would impact me. For example, “When you throw sand out of the sandbox onto my rug, I have to spend a lot of time cleaning it up and I don’t like that,” or “I can’t be with you any longer because I have another person waiting to see me.” I began calling them I-Messages, as I recall, because I was the person with the unmet need. I-Messages were added to the model in my first book for parents, P.E.T.: Parent Effectiveness Training.” –Thomas Gordon

Equality between students and teachers
Active Listening
Active participation in class planning
Rules vs. Agreements
Open communication
Student ownership

Students are not yet adults
Less structure
Because students are aiding in planning the lessons some subjects or standards may be harder to cover
Classroom agreements vs rules
How is Gordon's method different from others?
Teachers promote change
No rewards or punishments
Teachers also use active listening
Teachers have to model and teach problem-solving skills.
Class rules vs. Class agreements
Classroom equality

What are the skills that the Gordon Method teaches?
Active Listening
No-Lose Conflict Resolution
Why is this method good for my classroom?
Self-controlled Behavior
Encourage Participation and Cooperation
Lifelong Conflict Resolution Skills
How can I use this method effectively in my classroom?
Set expectations and clear up misconceptions
Lead by example (I-statements)
Model problem solving methods
The Gordon Method
Gordon strongly believed that the use of coercive power damages relationships.
Developed skills to teach parents:
active listening
No-Lose Conflict Resolution
He first applied some of these methods in the 1950s as a consultant to business organizations.
Developed types of training
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