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Artistry Intensive skincare renewing peel

No description

Taryn Brennan

on 29 January 2013

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Transcript of Artistry Intensive skincare renewing peel

After just one use:
93% of women agreed skin looks and feels softer and smoother. In one step, intensive skincare renewing peel lets you experience the benefits of a professional chemical peel at home without the risk or recovery time. ARTISTRY®
intensive skincare
renewing peel After six weeks in clinical and
consumer testing:

100% saw an improvement in skin smoothness and texture.
84% saw more radiant skin.
84% raved that their skin
looked younger. Using our breakthrough
mushroom enzyme and
adapting to the user’s
unique skin condition,
exfoliation will cease when
the pH reaches 5.5 Retail Price: $101.50
IBO Cost: $66.30
PV/BV: 28.69/84.86
PROFIT: $35.20!
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