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The environment

No description

anyssa castro

on 5 May 2010

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Transcript of The environment

Things I Can Do To HELP STOP Global Warming!!!
This is what I can do to help stop global warming...... -I can do the 3 R's
-Use energy conserving light bulbs
-Turn off objects that use electricity when they are not being used. -By reducing, reusing, and recycling I canreduce waste products.
-If I use energy saving light bulbs I can save
-If I unplug objects that are not being used I can also reduce the amount of energy that is being used.
These are the things that my family can do to HELP STOP global warming... -Recycle paper and cans
-Turn off running water when not in use
-Close the refrigerator door when we are getting something and we've already gotten it.
Things my school can do to HELP STOP global warming ... -Have a weekly recycling committee
-Use less paper (less homework)
-Give less notes students copy (Because once they learned it and don't need them they throw them out) Those are the things WE can do to help stop global warming ... THE END!!!!!!! -If my family recycled paper AND cans we can reduce the polution that the factories are making because of the smoke that fills the air.
-If my family shuts off water that is running when we are not using it we can reduce the amount of water we are using.
-If we close the refrigarator door when we aren't using it then we can save energy.
-By having a weekly recycling committee our school can reduce the amount of paper that goes to land fills.
-By having less homework we can reduce the amount of paper that we are using because once students are done with the homework , like notes , they throw them out.
-If we were to have less notes we can reduce the amount of energy that we use copying the notes down from the smart boards and we can reduce the amount of paper being used as well Care about our world!!! We our planet and you should too!!!!
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