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Science Olympiad Helicopters

No description

Science Olympiad

on 24 September 2013

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Transcript of Science Olympiad Helicopters

Science Olympiad Helicopters
Key Parts
The objective of "helicopter" is to build a lightweight rubber band powered helicopter that has a very long flight time.
Motor Stick: The vertical stick that holds everything together.
The Rotors: The rotors are
the flat pieces at both ends
of the motor stick. They
spin and provide lift for the
Rotor Shaft: The rotor shaft
is a wire that connects the
rubber band to the rotors.
Rubber Band: The rubber
band is wound (twisted) up, and
then the person releases the
By Pranati, Alex and James

Judging and How to Win
You have to build 2 helicopters and have 10 test flights per helicopter before you can enter. The only material you are not allowed to use on your helicopter are boron filaments because they have a very light weight and are very strong. Other than that, you can use any material you want.
The ten test flights must be
recorded in a logbook with
all the technical details.
Once you are approved by the judges, you have 8 minutes to do a maximum of 2 flights with your helicopters. The the better flight of the two will be the one that is judged.
Then, if you were lucky and creative, you will have the longest flight time and win the competition!
It's Not Easy!
It is not easy to build a helicopter! You can't use pre-assembled or pre-built parts. However, you can build a helicopter from a published plan or commercial kits with no pre-assembled parts. You have to make the lightest, most aerodynamic design. Once you actually build your helicopter, you have to test it and make changes so that it flies better. You will probably have a lot of crashes, so it's a good idea to make the helicopter strong, too..
Thanks For Watching!
Facts That Are Important
There can be up to two people on the team.
The mass of the helicopter, not including the rubber band has to be 3.0 grams or above. You can have a maximum of 3 rotors, and there is no limit on how many blades you have or the width of the blades. The rotor's diameter can't be over 25.0 cm. You have to make the rotors yourself. The helicopter can only be powered by a rubber band.
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