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The Fault in Our Stars Theme Park

No description

Katie Ruiz

on 11 April 2013

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Transcript of The Fault in Our Stars Theme Park

John Green Infinite Theme Park By: Welcome to the Infinite Theme Park! Teenagers: 10.00
Adults: 15.00
Kids: 5.00
*Oxygen tanks available for 20.00 at the gift shop, and no smoking. Even if it is a metaphor* Admission: First Aid Station Like Hazel, you probably don't always feel the greatest. Whether it's a cut on your leg or sharp pains in your head, if you need a little aid, come to this station. the nurses here will drain your lungs, put bandages on your cuts, and definitely keep you up with the news. And remember, nice nurses are out there. Support Group
Wheel Plane Trip to Amsterdam Going to Amsterdam is not a cliche wish. Augustus thought off this unique wish, so they could meet the author of their favorite book, whereas Hazel already wasted her wish on going to Disney World... and Epcot Center. Here, you will enjoy the finest food, drink, hotels, and scenery. You definitely won't be disappointed! Or will you? Maybe your beloved author isn't what you think. Skyfall When you first meet someone, your relationship with them will gradually grow. Slowly, with text messages and phone calls sent along the way. On this ride you will experience the same thing. You will go up, until you reach a relationship high of going to Amsterdam. then, somewhat suddenly, the world around you starts crashing down, the ride falling at an increasingly fast pace. This is when you realize that your relationship may be over very soon, because he is sick. How will you cope with this? Enchilada Eating Contest After Support Group, the place to be is the Water's home. They will be sure to serve you a delightful dish of enchiladas! Sample some of these masterpieces in this contest. You will not be able to stop eating once you stop, so the winner gets the family recipe for this yummy Mexican food. You will be able to make these enchiladas whenever you please... after support group or not. Author Meet And Greet Meet Peter Van Houten- award winning author of "An Imperial Affliction" After taking the long trip to meet him, you'll find out that he is definitely not the kind, loving author type. He is just the opposite. In fact, he will get so rude that you will storm out quickly, his assistant will quit, and you will get a free trip to the Anne Frank Museum because of him... But you definitely have NOT seen the last of him. “There is no shortage of fault to be found amid our stars.” “It's a metaphor, see: You put the killing thing right between your teeth, but you don't give it the power to do its killing.” Thanks For Coming! "Some infinites are bigger than other infinites." A few things to remember: There is hope for everyone. "Okay? Okay." Pin The Tail on the Donkey Step right up! Try your luck at this game. After being blindfolded with black fabric, you will attempt the task of pinning the tail on the donkey. There to help you along the way is Issac, someone blind. He can give you pointers about what is is like to be blind. Will you be able to overcome the challenges of being blind? Or will you crash and burn? It's a continuous cycle- a meeting, lemonade and cookies, a circle of cancer fighters. So when mysterious Augustus joins, Hazel can't help but be intrigued. The Ferris wheel keeps turning, until it abruptly stops at the top. That is when Augustus comes in- and Hazel can't stop thinking about him. Swing Set Whether you are an adult coming to find your childhood, or a child coming because swing sets are just fun, this is the attraction for you. This swing set has made teenagers cry, and brought children joy for a long time. After her crying breakdown in her back yard, Hazel decides to say goodbye to her childhood. She is older now and doesn't need swing sets for joy anymore.
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