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Mohammad Matinnejad-MoMo

on 12 February 2013

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Transcript of EPCRA-Presentation!

1986!!! EPCRA (1) Allow state and local planning for chemical Emergencies

(2) Provide for notification of emergency releases of chemicals

(3) Address communities' Right-To-Know about toxic and hazardous chemicals Objectives: The "Superfund Amendments and Re-authorization Act" of 1986 (SARA) created EPCRA Creating the EPCRA The Emergency Planning and Community Right-To-Know Act (EPCRA) of 1986 was created to: So, Whats the purpose of EPCRA?! * Emergency Planning (Section 301-303)

* Emergency Release Notification (Section 304)

* Hazardous Chemical Storage Reporting (Section 311-312)

* Toxic Chemical Release Inventory (Section 313) Four Major Provisions of EPCRA: SERCs stands for "State Emergency Response Commissions"

FACT: SERCs Oversee the implementation of EPCRA requirements in each state! What is SERCs?! All info was taken from U.S. Environment Protection Agency (EPA):

http://www.epa.gov Work Cited: Emergency Planning and Community Right-To-Know Act A little about SARA!!! SARA... It was designed to improve community access to information about chemical hazards and to facilitate the development of chemical emergency response plans by State, Tribe, and local Government (1986) Do you know what SARA is?! *Help Communities plan for emergencies involving hazardous substances! What does EPCRA do? It sets regulations and requirements for federal and state and local government, regarding emergency planning and "Community Right-to-Know" reporting on hazardous and toxic chemicals What does EPCRA do? The EPCRA also help increase the public's knowledge and access to information on chemicals at individual facilities, their uses, and releases into the environment Why does EPCRA help increase public knowledge and what does this act do with the information on chemicals?! States and communities, working with facilities, can use the information to improve chemical safety and protect public health and the environment P.s sorry if you got a headache...! ;)
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