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The 39 Clues book report

No description

Briya Holloway-Douglas

on 25 September 2012

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Transcript of The 39 Clues book report

The 39 Clues is a story about a family with the last name Cahill. The grandmother of 2 children named Amy and Dan Cahill, Grace Cahill has died and she has given the rest of the family 39 clues to reveal but it will also be deadly. Or they can just take her millions of dollars. Will the Cahill family succeed to find all of the 39 clues? Or will they just take the money? The 39 Clues NAME: Briya Holloway-Douglas

CLASS PERIOD: 2 ( On A days.)

DATE: 9/22/12 There were 400 people
at the funeral of Grace Cahill.
And only 7 teams of 1-4 people
that had took the challenge. The first clue was
The fine print to guess, Seek out Richard S. Grace Cahill had a secret library underground of her house.
The first people to find it were Amy, Dan and Allistair Oh.
They found a book to the first clue and the book was called
Poor Richard's Almanak. Richard S. stood for Richard Saunders. They also discovered that the mother of Amy and Dan had written in it with all of the clues of the 39 clues in it.
But, a fire had happened while Amy, Dan and Allistair Oh
in the house. Amy and Dan had escaped from somewhere under a tombstone without the book and Allistair Oh had the book and managed to escape from the front entrance with the book. Amy and Dan had gone to Paris with their au pair so that they can find the second clue. They almost got killed in MANY ways. they almost got hit by a train, they almost got covered with cement in a pit and they almost died by their cousin Ian and Natalie Kabra by them almost shooting them with a poisonous dart gun.
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