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Exchange Studies at Centria UAS

Presentation of study abroad opportunities at Centria University of Applied Sciences. For more information go to www.centria.fi/international!

Arja Haikola

on 21 May 2014

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Transcript of Exchange Studies at Centria UAS

Study Exchange in Finland
Number of Students: 2,900
Annual Intake: 492
Staff: 293
Fields of Education: 5
Study Programmes: 14
Languages of Instruction: Finnish, Swedish and English
Turnover: 24M €
Centria in Brief
Centria’s degree programmes include the following subject areas:
Business Management
Health Care and Social Services
Humanities and Education
Fields of Education
Finland in facts
Population: 5.4 million, 15.8 inhabitants per km2 (40.5 per square mile)
Languages: Official languages are Finnish (spoken by 91%) and Swedish (5.4%), Sámi is the mother tongue of about 1,700 people, members of the indigenous Sámi people of northern Lapland.
Form of government: Republic, parliamentary democracy
Cabinet: Multiparty coalition cabinet
Head of State: President of the Republic, elected every 6 years, two-term maximum. Currently Mr Sauli Niinistö, first elected in 2012
International cooperation: Member of United Nations since 1955 and European Union since 1995
Key Features: High standard of education, social security and healthcare, all financed by the state
Main exports: Electrotechnical goods, metal products, machinery, transport equipment, wood and paper products, chemicals
Currency unit: Euro
State & Government
Society & Economy
Great contrasts - cold winters and fairly warm summers.
(2010 extremes: coldest day in Kuhmo -41.3 C/-42.3 F, warmest day in Joensuu 37.2 C/99.0 F
Why Finland?
•In the Newsweek 2010 survey that is based on health, economic dynamism, education, political environment and quality of life, Finland was ranked the best country in the world to live in.

• Finland is also considered one of the safest countries in the world.

• What makes Finland so special then? The ever-changing nature and the way of life that makes this little country so unique is best experienced first hand.

•The winter in Finland is usually quite cold, but the magic of moon lighting the snowy landscape in January or Northern lights producing a magnificent light display are scenes that will never be forgotten. All the seasons have something different and distinct to offer, so there’s always something new and exciting.

•In contrast to the beautiful, untamed wilderness, there’s a modern welfare society with efficient education system that produces higher education based on research, promotes scientific and artistic education and trains skilled professionals to suit the needs of international and national economic life.
Centria University of Applied Sciences offers students from all around the world:
a wide choice of educational opportunities, practically orientated teaching methods
good connections with the professional world
a caring, multicultural, and innovative learning environment
an intimate environment that fosters entrepreneurship and gives you excellent connections with the working-life
a good basis for combining theoretical knowledge with career skills in a meaningful way.
courses in English aimed at provide international students with more information about Finland.
> Finnish Swedish for Foreigners
> Finnish Society and Culture
> Getting Local and Global
At Centria, internationalisation is a core value, and the university hosts over 500 international students for exchange programmes and degree programmes.
Over 10% of all Centria’s students are international, representing about 40 different countries from around the world.
Centria University of Applied Sciences has about 20 different degree programmes
Four of the programmes are designed specifically for international students and are conducted in English.
Finland is a human-scaled, cosy country, with cities and towns designed for people, not just cars. Rush-hours are a rarity.

Our higher education institutions are small enough to operate functionally and effectively. They are all internationally oriented with special regional features, and you can choose between very different study environments ranging from larger urban campuses to close-to-nature campuses.

Higher education institutions are highly autonomous, but largely funded by the Ministry of Education and Culture. Therefore the Ministry also closely oversees the quality of teaching. These efficiently managed institutions:
• react to the needs of the society, and business and industry in their curricula and teaching
• provide a wide range of high-quality programmes in English for exchange and degree students at all levels of education
• give their students transferrable skills on which they can build their future in academic fields and in the job market
Why study in Finland?

A total of 23 Finnish universities and universities of applied sciences have taken part in a wide-ranging international survey on how satisfied international degree students and exchange students are with their educational experience in Finland. According to the survey, 89 per cent of the international students are generally happy or very happy with their Finnish institution of higher education and study in Finland. The students are especially happy with the material facilities of the institutions, such as libraries, lecture rooms, laboratories, computer facilities, IT services and support services. Finland is also identified as a safe and socially stable country.

(The survey was conducted by The International Graduate Insight Group, a British consultancy and benchmarking service in 2010.)
4 International Programmes conducted in English – A wide range of courses available for exchange students
Modern and high quality facilities
A genuinely international atmosphere
A safe environment
Possibilities to discover Scandinavia and Europe
Studying at Centria
A study abroad experience at Centria?
Testimonials from a former
exchange student
Fernanda Pavani, Business Management
Universidade do Sul de Santa Catarina, Brazil
Finland does well in International Student Barometer
For more information
International Office at Centria University of Applied Sciences
Peter Finell
International Relations Manager
tel. +358 44 725 0012


Degree Programmes
Information Technology
> Examination: Bachelor of Engineering
> Length & duration: 4 years, 240 credits

Business Management
> Examination: Bachelor of Business Administration
> Length & duration: 3.5 years, 210 credits

Industrial Management
> Examination: Bachelor of Engineering
> Length & duration: 4 years, 240 credits

Chemistry and Technology
> Examination: Bachelor of Engineering
> Length & duration: 4 years, 240 credits

Exchange Programmes
Science Without Borders
Shanghai Exchange Programme
Testimonial from a former exchange student

Claudio Manganelli, Business Management
Universita' degli Studi di Genova, Italy

Testimonial from a former
exchange student

Become a degree student at Centria

Apply through the Joint Applications System
Business Management, Information Technology, Industrial Management
Next application period: January 7th - February 11th 2014
More information at: www.centria.fi/admissions

Merve Suslukaya, Chemistry and Technology
Istanbul Technical University, Turkey
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