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Supervisory Entry Plan--Final Copy--Chris A. Hess

Data, analysis, and recommendations

Chris Hess

on 21 April 2011

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Transcript of Supervisory Entry Plan--Final Copy--Chris A. Hess

Supervisory Entry Plan by Chris A. Hess
April 21, 2011 What is good supervision? Do we know it when we see it? Are there guiding principals? Or is it a game, meant to fool
those in power? After all, anyone can put on a show..... The Interviews

Sue Matthews: An Experienced Teacher

Angie Cress: A New Teacher

Matt Bramucci: An Assistant Principal

Kim Marruci: Coordinator for World Language Sue Matthews
English Teacher

Supervisor is "never around"
Would like more informal observations
Summative does not reflect her year
Some meetings cancelled or done "on the fly" Matt Bramucci
Assitant Principal
Focuses on one good thing
Weaker teachers feel threatened
Culture of distrust
Not an "arbiter of ideas" Angie Cress
Social Studies Teacher

Great relationship with one supervisor
Another supervisor gives directives
Would like more informal observations
"Anyone can put on a show" Kim Marucci
World Language Coordinator

Supevision is like walking a "tightrope"
Principals oversee the process
The reflective piece is so important
Newer teachers need time and attention Analysis

Teachers want more access and feedback
Teachers want more informal observations
Teachers exhibit a lack of trust
Supervisors are not comfortable giving directives
Supervisors bring their personality to the process Recommendations

Supervisors must increase their visibility
Supervisors must provide more feedback
Supervisors must provide additional resources
Supervisors must provide additional professional development
Supervisors should emphasize and model reflective practice We have all seen poor supervisors..... Where do we go from here? Develop your own personal philosophy..... We can provide feedback to our supervisors also.... You can do better than that.... Listen......
Inspire. Now go do it!
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