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Creative Staffing: Solutions for Recruiting, Retaining and Engaging Employees

Not for Profit 3 min presentation

Meite Timshel

on 20 November 2012

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Transcript of Creative Staffing: Solutions for Recruiting, Retaining and Engaging Employees

people with intellectual and developmental disabilities prefer working with people they know

prevents knowledge loss
medical information
unique preferences in support care

reduces operating costs
Why is staffing so important!? Creative
Solving Implementation Success! Creative Staffing Solutions:
Recruiting, Retaining, and Engaging
Direct Support Workers a presentation by
Meite Timshel Employer of choice for university students

Have secured;
quality employees
superior support services
and a budget surplus! Stability CHALLENGE: staffing in Canada and the U.S. for direct support agencies has an annual employment turnover rate of 50% OBJECTIVE: deliver a creative solution that meets budget restrictions
meet the expected 37% increase in demand for support care services
minimize employee turnover MISSION:
Delivery of
Direct Support
Employment ...or DUDE for short Obstacle # 1 THE SOLUTION! 1) hire university students

2) plan for their early retirement Why university students?
quick learners
exceptional communication skills
need flexible employment during 3-5 years in school So what is early retirement & how does it solve these problems? Unsuccessful as low wages offered can't attract quality educated employees

Underfunding has resulted in a deadlock of inadequate services Previous HR strategies have been about recruiting long term staff to DS jobs STOP attempting the impossible.

Employees leave when they have their degrees!

Plan for it! Tailor benefits, wage scales, & schedules to
appeal to students

Minimize stress to people supported
by building a predictable pattern of employment A 3 to 5 year
employee retention plan
is a HUGE improvement Obstacle #2 Obstacle #3 Step 1:
Craft an elegantly written business proposal Step 3:
Beg, borrow & steal
necessary funding Step 2:
On board the Board
of Directors Step 4:
Create a brilliant
strategic plan using input from stakeholders Step 5:
Support & listen to
management team through this era
of change Step 6:
Overhaul HR strategy to reflect strategic goals Step 7: Thing to include;

performance based wage scale
support training & accomplishments, not time

employee benefits that compliment Greenshield student benefits

empower front line staff to use;
problem solving skills Step 8:
Monitor and evaluate plan,
tweak as necessary Step 9:
Bask in the glow
of... Why would a university student want to work in support services?

gain practical real world experience useful for nursing, medicine, psychology, and kinesiology
make a difference! Any questions?
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