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This presentation takes insight into how multinational corporations go against the catholic social justice teachings.

Damola Awotundun

on 28 May 2011

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Transcript of Multinationals

Multinationals What are multinationals? -noun
A large corporation with operations and subsidiaries in several countries
2. Of performing to, or involving several nations
3. Noting or pertaining to multinationals

Source (dictionary.com) What`s the big deal? Many of them are responsible for the mismangment of natural resources like the BP OIL SPILLS,mistreatment of workers (ex. Foxconn workers). There are many examples of multinationals like Apple,Nike,BP and Foxxconn. Yet out of all of them one stands out to me the most. SHELL! Who are they? They are one of the largest producers of oil in Nigeria as they mainly operate in the Niger-Delta area where 80% of Nigeria oil is produced. They exploited this region while the indingious people of the land have recived little to no of any of the benefits of the oil company. Shell finicially supported the former Dictatorship by paying for part of thier income. The military acted as shells personal bodyguards. When people began to peacefully protest against the corparation 80 people were killed. Houses and valuable crops were also destyoed too. It was later claimed that they had double the military's pay to go to secific villages. Dignity of work
The Catholic Social Justice Teaching requires that work have the right to form unions,earn a living wage and be able to work in a safe enviroment. With the event that took place the people of the Niger Delta were left in a enviroment that was less than adequate to meet these requirements. The Catholic Social Teaching
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