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No description

Valerie the Person

on 17 December 2013

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Transcript of Lychee

The Best Growing
Conditions for this Crop
Places Where Lychee
Trees are Grown
-Grow in tropical countries near the equator
-China, Japan, Brazil, Thailand, Taiwan, Malaysia
-Lots of sun
-Very warm
How Lychee
Trees are

How is Lychee Processed?

Successful Lychee Tree
No Wind!
Lots of
Plant away from tall trees and buildings
Building and Tree
Lychee Tree
2 Different Ways Lychee Trees are Planted
1. Grow from a seed
2. Grafting
-Preserved and put into cans
-pudding, juice, candy
How is the Crop
-able cut a few small tree branches with leaves and lychee
-harvested when skin is fully red
-harvested when a brownish, greenish color if put on ships.
Problems with
Growing Lychee
-From seed, chances are fruit won't be sweet

-Tree might not produce fruit and
only flowers because of low pollination.
-humidity, temperature
The Thank You Slide
The Thank You Slide
The Thank you Slide
Grow into Tree
Starts Growing into Plant
Lychee Fruit
The Thank You Slide
The Thank You Slide
The Thank You Slide
The Thank You Slide
The Thank You Slide
The Thank You Slide
The Thank You Slide
The Thank You Slide
Thank You Slide
The Thank You Slide
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