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Why did Benjamin Franklin change the world...

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Felipe Camacho

on 14 March 2011

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Transcript of Why did Benjamin Franklin change the world...

Benjamin Franklin changed the world because of his many inventions.

By: Felipe Camacho Introduction:
Benkamin Franklin's inventions were very useful in his days and many of them we still use them today. His inventions inproved people's lives. Some of his inventions that helped improve people's lives are; the odometer, the catheter, the Franklin stove, the flippers to swim, the "Long Arm", and he designed the first clock with the second hand. His contribution to fund the first hospital in Pennsylvania, creating the first fire department, his early promoting of eating citrus fruits to prevent scurvy, and his contribution in the first sanitation department improved people's safety. He also contributed in electricity research by developing the theory of positive and negative electricity, by deciding that electricity was not the result of friction, by discovering that lightning and electricity are the same thing and by inventing the lighting rod. As you can see, Benjamin Franklin's inventions and theories have been very useful for mankind and the world would be totally different without them. Thesis Statement: Even though
Benjamin Franklin
lived a very long time
ago, his many inventions
improved our way of living, helped us understand electricity, and improved our safety. Benjamin Franklin improved the way people live today by some of his inventions. Some of these inventions are; the odometer(according to Now and Ben) which is very used today in cars and different vehicles to see how fast you are going and more information about time traveled and sophisticated measurements, the catheter(according to library.thinkquest.org) that helps improve people's health because it is an advanced way to treat sick people to keep them from dying, the Franklin Stove(according to library.thinkquest.org) that is how people used to heat up their houses in Benjamin Franklin's days, and now it has evolved and it became more modern and advanced. Finally, today almost all the clocks in the world have a second hand, and that was an idea from Benjamin Franklin(according to Now and Ben), so if he wouldn't have come up with that idea, we wouldn't be able to tell time so accurately now in day. In his time, Franklin invented this artifacts for his benefit or for another person he knew and they ended up being tools we use in our daily life. Benjamin Franklin contributed a lot in the discovery and investigations of electricity. He developed the theory of positive and negative energy(according to inventors.about.com) which we might not know if Benjamin Franklin hadn't existed, he decided that electricity was not the result of friction(according to inventors.about.com), he discovered that lightning and electricity are the same thing(according to www.pocanticohills.com), and invented the lightning rod(according to fi.edu) to protect houses and that has helped a lot in the protection of people and families because the lightning rod attracts the lighting and helps to prevent the lightning from hitting a house or a person. As you can see, we wouldn't know as much about electricity and we wouldn't be as successful as we are now with electricity if Benjamin Franklin hadn't existed, and his knowledge and his wish to learn new things helped him achieve all of his discoveries and theories. Like he says "A house is not a home unless it contains, food and fire for the mind as well as the body" Lastly, Benjamin Franklin change the world be improving our safety. He led the fundation of the first hospital in Pennsylvania(according to www.fjcollazo.com), which maybe wouldn't exist if he hadn't contributed and helped lead the process, he created the first fire department(according to www.ushistory.com) that helped fight many of the fires that killed many people in his days, and this fire department, which was the first one ever, helped save thousands of people, and today many people today survive fires because of fire fighters who can go and help them. He also was an early promoter of eating citrus fruits to prevent scurvy, a disease(according to Now and Ben). We might not know that eating citrus fruits prevented this specific type of disease if it weren't for his curiosity and knowledge and finally, he helped fund the first sanitation department(according to Now and Ben). All this creations and contributions has made our society a better and safer place to live with more facilities and more prepared for any accident that may happen and because of that we are now more prepared for accidents and injuries, and we know how to treat them. To conclude, Benjamin Franklin was a very creative and curious person, and that is what has made him such an important person in the history of mankind. Think about it, what is what most humans like about today's life? Technology. We obviously need electricity and knowledge in this topic to be as succesful as we are now. We wouldn't be as advanced in technology if it weren't for Benjamin Franlin discoveries and creations, and we wouldn't have so many of the artifacts that make our life easier today, and fianlly, we wouldn't have such a good health system in the world. All of this we owe it to Benjamin Franklin, he changed the way we live now making our society less naive about things like electricity, and by making our lifes easier and safer. Work Sited Page:
Now and Ben
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