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What is Your Uber? - Template

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Tom Morrison

on 4 March 2016

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Transcript of What is Your Uber? - Template

What Is Your UBER?
Tom Morrison

CEO - Metal Treating Institute
20 Years in Association Management
3 Non-Profits as CEO
Net Reserves Grown Over 1,000%
Tell the World: @tommorrison
Handouts: TomMorrison.biz

Hobby: Love Drumming
3 Self Sufficient Adult Kids in 20's
Married to a Rock Star Wife
Author of New Ground Breaking
Personal Development Book

What Keeps You From Success
What Controls Your Success
What You Need to Possess For Success



What is Today About?
Wreaking Havoc in Their Industries
Question: Why are
associations so slow to respond?
This is MANY Association Execs Radar Screens
Why Take Our Radar Seriously?
Opportunity: The Internet of Things

Do you want to be a collaborator who spends money on developing opportunity for members? OR.....

Do you want to be competition fighting technology advances to claim member value?
Does Your Association or GM's Have Blinders On?
Did UBER expose wants by consumers that taxis were ignoring?

Imagine the potential FIRST conversation about UBER technology in taxi industry before UBER was here? Is this your association leadership?
What Other Technologies Are Going to Have a Ripple Effect on
MANY Industries?
Self Driven Cars

Body Shops
Liability Attorneys
Medical Care
City Governments
DUI Schools
Driving Schools
Car Insurance Companies
Auto Repair Shops
Automotive Manufacturers
Additive Manufacturing & 3D Printing

Heat Treating
Medical Devices
Almost Any Product Manufactured
Which Radar Is Your Association Paying Attention To?
Technology - Consumer Buying Habits
Demographic Shifts
So What Does Disruption
Look Like on Your Radar?

How Does Disruption Start?

Practices that exist in your industry that drive customers crazy?
Stagnant, status quo laziness
A desire to empower or better serve consumers
Embracing the newest, cutting-edge technology
Disruption Happens Everyone

Publishing: Wikipedia versus Encyclopedia Britannica
Communications: Skype versus long-distance; email versus postal service
Transactions: Paypal and Square versus credit card terminals
Computing: Google apps versus Microsoft Office
Entertainment: Pandora versus radio
Advertising: Craigslist versus newspaper classifieds
Creative services: iStockPhoto versus royalty photography
Education: Khan Academy versus tutors and paid courses
Automotive: Tesla - Apple - Google
Technology Will Play a Huge Role

Leverage the advancements in technology to remove friction and maximize customer experience
Intelligent, real-time logistics and analytics for rapid prototyping, testing and development
Open data, APIs, 3rd party streams let you create or leverage other's content

The Internet of THINGS!
Keys To Leading Disruption in Your Industry

Think bigger, better, more convenient
Think like an outsider
Remove all barriers of budget
Listen to your members & non-members, customers
Pinpoint problems in your industry
Work together with others in your industry
Uncover new ways to approach your already-existing members
Let The Brightest YOUNG Minds Lead the Charge
So What's the Primary Barrier to Innovation in the Association & Hospitality Industries?


Don't Know How to Deal With IT
Moves to Fast
Not Willing to Risk It
How Did We Ever Live Without It?
Get Back to Basics...

What can we do together better than our members can do separately?


One Big Question to Ask...

Do you understand what your members' customers are going to demand in the future?

Action Steps For Monday Morning

Know your members’ market/customer inside and out.
Seek out consultants who can be your inside experts on technologies coming to your industry.
Identify industries that will introduce technology that will have a disruptive impact on your members? Find them and have them at your meetings as speakers.
Form a young professionals task force to research, and bring best practices to the table.
Keep the pressure on your leadership to change, innovate and develop -- or lose the future.

Tom Morrison
Why didn't the taxi cab association get in soon enough to partner with UBER?

How did Zillow arrive on the scene with the presence of Realtor.com?
V - Trends


Responsive Retail
Competitive Reward
Everyday Robotics
Waste Currency
Swap Commerce
Chemical Revolt
Tech Paranoia
Routine Rental
Augmented Reality Technology
Are Your Ready For the Future?
The Key to Unlocking the Future
Keys to Unlocking the Future
Close to Home...
- People
- Machines
- Process
- Technology
airbnb.com vrbo.com
Hospitality Disruption
v - snapple
Questions to Ponder When Looking at Opportunity?
v - missed opportunity
Fecal DNA Test - WOW Disruption
- Technology
- Consumer Buying Habits
- Demographic Shifts
v - thinking
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