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Don Corpuz

on 25 January 2018

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The proponent will make the system online so that the beneficiaries will make it easy to set an appointment as well as the professors to accept or decline the request of the students. This will make the system more flexible since it is online.
Martin, an IT Analyst describes benefits of Employee scheduling software, he stated that;

At all levels, anyone concerned can access the schedule from any location with an internet browser. This twenty-four hour, seven days a week touch-point means that each employee should have immediate access to review schedules outlook, email, or through the web and request changes from anywhere. This is where online employee scheduling software comes to help.

Article: Top Six Advantages of Employee Scheduling Software
Study: Online Appointment - Scheduling System - Cloud-Based Versus Traditional
From the study by Richard, he states that;

Without scheduling system, most proprietors rely on the more traditional manner of scheduling their appointments: A paper appointment book, pen and receptionist or staff member taking the appointments by phone or e-mail.

This way of scheduling appointments will increase your effort and it is very inconvenient. The way to make this easier is to make an online appointment scheduling system.

Unique Technology
Online system is very convenient and effective since it is online. Internet provides fast communication between devices which is very accurate and precise.

This project will help the students and lecturers to communicate easier than manual scheduling of appointments. Also it will allow the students to know the availability of their lecturers. Instead of looking for their lecturers manually, the proposed system will allow the student to view whether their lecturers are available or not and they can set their appointments to their lecturers, also it will allow the professors to arrange their schedules and they have the authority to accept or decline the appointment set by their students through internet.
Article: Online Scheduling System for an Independent Business Coach
Garry, a Master in Business Administration in finance, he stated that;

One obvious benefit you gain by using online scheduling system is time. It is difficult to manage time especially if you are independent consultant. You need to maintain everything starting from creating business plans, doing market research, discussing and delivering solutions to business problems, meeting clients and managing payment

With this statement, using an online scheduling system will definitely help employees manage their time as well as to maintain things that are critical to business.

Chapter 2
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