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HHS Senior & Parent Info- Fall 2016

No description

Jill Moery

on 15 September 2016

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Transcript of HHS Senior & Parent Info- Fall 2016

2017 Senior & Parent INFO
College Fairs
Sept. 14th: EHS hosted College Fair
Oct 28th: Career Day @ HHS
College & career sessions
interview skills training
special guest speakers
individual college websites, www.gotocollegefairs.com or www.okcollegestart.org
Mark Your Calendars!
College Application Help
Fast Friday Sessions
By appointment before/after school
During student aid hour
Financial Aid Application for college
Apply starting OCT 1st at FAFSA.ED.GOV
Pell grant, OTAG, Federal Student loans
Work Study programs
Scholarship eligibility
HHS will host FAFSA event Oct 19th
Financial Aid Representative at each college
make sure you are at fafsa.ed.gov not fafsa.com!!!
Students may order their caps, gowns, invitations, t-shirts during the Josten visitation times.
Sept 15: 5:00-7:oo pm- Orders will be taken with $50 deposit.
If you do not place an order during this time period, you may contact Josten's Representative or order online.
Cap and Gown
Baccalaureate: May 7th @ 3:00PM
(Grad Photo's before)
(Mom's will line up and enter with grad)

Senior Awards Ceremony: Tuesday May 9th @7:00PM

The Class of 2017 will graduate at HPS Auditorum
on May ___ at 7:00PM
Graduation Events!!!
Senior Conference
HONOR PROGRAM Grad Requirements
Graduation Requirements
24 credits for graduation on the college prep or core curriculum graduation plans.
Must have the required classes to meet the selected graduation plan.
Stay on track!
There are opportunities for EOI remediation & retakes

Fast Friday
ACE remediation coursework
April- May
Attendance Required! No more than 5 absences *

Students can lose credit for classes passed due to attendance issues... NO GRADUATION!

Saturday School?
Students should meet individually with counselor during fall semester.
You can check on your student's progress towards graduation and discuss plans for life after High School during pt conference or call to set up an appt.
Student MUST take all required honors coursework.
Students MUST earn a minimum unweighted GPA of 3.50 at the end of 7th semester.
Students must not receive a "No Credit" or any grade lower than a "C" on transcript.
Vocational/Technical School
Life After High School
Air Force
National Guard
Army Reserve
See Mrs. Moery for times and dates for recruiter visits.
State - supported vs. private sector
OK Career tech is state supported
Can be excellent value for the money!
Community College dual credit programs
Most technical/vocational schools do not require SAT/ACT
Most are short term programs which can be completed in 6 months - 2 years.
Some programs offer an Associates Degree.
Technical/Vocational Schools
There are scholarships that are only available to students entering technical/vocational programs.
Financial aid is available at most of the institutions.
Public vs. Private
Out-of-State vs. In-State
Two-Year Community College/Junior College vs. Four-Year College
Regional vs. Research
online/virtual learning programs vs. traditional
Individual College websites: Look for the words "Future Students" and "Apply"
Paper applications available but colleges prefer online apps
Some Private schools will require an admission application to be filed from their website.
www.collegeboard.com (OU & others)
College Search
Application Process
Decide what school fits your needs:

Major offered
Type of school (public, private, 2-yr, 4-yr, etc.)
Cost of attendance
Admission requirements
Is this the best fit for me?
: many public schools and some private schools in Oklahoma share this application option

University of Oklahoma, and other selective private schools and out-of-state schools use the "common application". Apply at
Application Process
Complete College Application
Request Official HS Transcript - Ms. Moery
ACT/SAT scores sent from the testing agency
www.collegeboard.com – for SAT
www.actstudent.org – for ACT
Scholarship Essays?
Fees - Fee waivers can be used in some cases if student qualifies. Expect application fees to be $40 per application... Also, some schools will waive application fee or provide tuition incentives for attending their preview day or recruiting event.
Some will require letters of recommendation from a counselor or a teacher

Completed College
Request to have HS transcript sent by counselor
Complete the college’s scholarship application. These deadlines come VERY quickly and most require a completed admissions file before accepting any scholarship information.
Some are included in application, some are separate.
Check your college’s website for the scholarship application.
Check for college departmental scholarship deadlines
Complete this process EARLY!
Let counselor know when a senior is accepted to a college or has been offered as scholarship.
After You Apply
Grants - FAFSA
Loans - FAFSA
Work Study - FAFSA
OTAG - Oklahoma State Aid
OK promise (requires FAFSA submission)
Types of Financial Aid
LINKS and info on the HHS Counselor Page
National Scholarships - multiple online sources available. collegestart.com, www.fastweb.com & others
National Scholarships, State Scholarships & more- www.okcollegestart.org or private services like fastweb.com
Local Scholarships - The due dates for these applications vary from March -May and more information will be given to students in early spring.
- watch out if you are asked to pay money to apply for scholarships or FAFSA!
Please watch the scholarship page on the HHS website and on OKCollegestart.com for scholarship opportunities.

Follow instructions carefully to ensure your scholarship submission is complete. Many offer a checklist of all necessary items. Your application must be NEAT and easily read.
NEW Early application- Opens Oct 1st
Financial Aid (FAFSA) information session will be offered at HHS October 19th.
FAFSA is required for Federal Pell Grant, OTAG (Oklahoma Grant), Work Study, Federal Student Loans, and OKLAHOMA PROMISE recipients.
Some scholarships require FAFSA to be completed
You and your student will need to apply for a FSA Id to sign your application online
Any student wanting to play an athletic sport at the college level will need to be cleared through the NCAA Clearinghouse.
You need to register and your fee must be submitted in order for the colleges to access your information.
This needs to be done NOW and can be found at www.eligibilitycenter.org. This process will let you know what division you are cleared to play.
NCAA Clearinghouse

Get organized. Make a draft of your community service involvement, special accomplishments, work or leadership experience.

Be prepared to answer these questions:
Why are you interested in XXXXX school?
Which programs at XXXXX school are you most interested in?
Why are you a good candidate to attend our school or to receive our scholarship funds?

Don't lock up or give up! Just do your best! People want to see you succeed... but they just want to know your serious about your goals before they commit to you.

Begin the application process and submit all required documents by the end of November.
Retest on SAT/ACT if needed.
Search for scholarships - college scholarships are due as early as November and beyond!
Continue to make the best grades possible in rigorous courses.
Attendance matters.
Get ready to file your FAFSA application in January or February.
Take your college days to visit college campuses…you get two with documentation!
What Should Be Done NOW
Valedictorians must meet honors requirement and have a minimum weighted GPA of 4.0
Special notes & deadlines
Senior Slide show items...
need baby photo, senior photo (unless using panel pose)

Turn in to Mr. Cameron ASAP

Senior yearbook page ad due this week
Watch out for "predatory" lending practices for student loans, credit cards.
Be leary if a scholarship wants you to pay a fee to apply
Seniors...GOOGLE Yourself
Monitor your Social media profiles...
a poor online representation of you can cost you potential scholarship money and opportunities

Parents, encourage kids to delete questionable posts and photos on facebook, instagram, twitter and others.

Create a profile that represents your best self .... someone that colleges and associations would be proud to be associated with.

Make a budget. Choose your education appropriately (don't borrow money that you don't have to or that you will not have a salary to support repayment). Consider a community college to save money before transferring to a university
OU & some other schools may provide matching funds to help cover fees if FAFSA is submitted early
Oklahoma Promise Funding
Tuition (usually by credit hour, some are flat rate)

Mandatory Fees (varies by college)
Room & Board (dorm & meal plan)
Books for classes, supplies
Misc living expenses
High school verifies grad requirement completions. FAFSA verifies income requirement is met (Family income may not exceed 100,000 or less )
Must have registered by 10th grade year end
follow on twitter @NCAA_EC
CYA...manage your online reputation!
Go directly to the college website and look for key words: "future students" or "apply now". Follow directions
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