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Describing the Media Landscape in a age neutral society

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James Barclay-Devine

on 13 February 2013

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Transcript of Describing the Media Landscape in a age neutral society

By James Barclay-Devine Describing the Media Landscape in a age neutral society What is the Media Landscape? Truth 1 Referencees The media landscape in an age neutral society The media landscape is the collective term for all of the media outlets. It includes radios, newspapers and televisions as well as all other devices, we consume media content on. "There is no simple formula linking a person's age to how they behave as consumers or audience members" (The Guardian,2013 ) http://www.guardian.co.uk/uk/2010/aug/19/television-viewing-increases-internet - Information on Older people's television consumption - Accessed electronically on 11/2/2013 People of all ages, like to watch television or use gadgets. According to an article on The Guardian's "the average 65 year old watches 5 hours and 14 minutes" (The Guardian,2013) of television per day . What is an Age Neutral Society? An age neutral society is where gadgets, media outlets and technology are not age specifis and that all gadgets can be used by everyone from microwaves to tablets and digital cameras to computers. This is the society we live in, where technology is useable by all. The media landscape in an age neutral society consists of technology, gadgets and media outlets being accessible by all ages and not being age restricted. It should not matter if you are age 18 or age 80, media outlets such as newspapers and films should be usuable to all. The 50 plus market are also likely to own a few gadgets such as tablets, smartphones, HD Televisions and possibly game consoles.
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