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Blogging in economics

Presentation at s3f

Andrea Moro

on 6 January 2013

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Transcript of Blogging in economics

Can we blog economics? NO think like an economist Andrea Moro Yes Vanderbilt University
noisefromamerika.org make self-interested And, to a first approximaton, individuals are not stupid are (made of) individuals Models are like maps Different scales for different purposes Maps have diffent layers Map navigation may take you to the wrong place Correlation is not causation Data often suffers from
selection bias Pr(A|B) is not Pr(B|A) Stocks are not flows Derivatives are not levels Economics is If I could predict there will be a crisis next week,
then I (or the market) will make it happen tomorrow Kartik Athreya: we do that at a different model from most blogs long, boring posts
attract smart readers a different community from most blogs threaded comments it may take a PhD to know economics but with blogs we can teach
something valuable to non-experts and what should we blog about? we learn from our readers a social norm for using real names it takes years to learn
economic methodology

non-experts cannot
pretend they can understand it

... and blog about it Economics is like medicine, engineering, seismology Nobody condemed seismology
for the failure of predicting Japan's earthquake Reaction from the
econ blogosphere Matt Yglesias
Brad DeLong
Scott Sumner
... and many more Basically,
a bunch of auto-didacts
old-new-keynesian who think macro is easy Tyler Cowen economics is "really really really hard"

non-Ph.d. bloggers are better equipped at judging public policy, integrating and evaluating broad bodies of knowledge Which does not mean they are selfish
or incapable of caring for others or the common good how do we provide incentives so that
politicians care for the common good ... "if I had gone to medical school I'd be earning twice my salary... ... or not?" and how do we do that? Macro-behavior is the result
of we can explain how to Economists use Economists use Nothing is less real than realism. It is only by selection, by elimination, by emphasis that we get at the real meaning of things. --Georgia O'Keeffe and try to be careful with it But, beware of the SUPERFIXED* model (marginal revolution) *as labeled by our own Sandro Brusco Economists think a lot about incentives Data Models
meteorology not Individuals choices Governments equilibrium phenomena A set of anecdots is not data prepared for s3f are traffic officers causing traffic jams? should journalists get free rides
on government airplanes?
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