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Orpheus and Eurydice Analysis

A presentation on the Mythology tale of Orpheus and Eurydice.

Kaitee A

on 29 December 2012

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Transcript of Orpheus and Eurydice Analysis

Orpheus and Eurydice A Mythology Tale Analysis
by Allan, Angie, and Kaitee The setting influences the plot by providing different scenes for different personalities of characters. Orpheus especially can display this. In Thrace, Orpheus is a light-hearted, talented musician that is calm. When he enters the Underworld, he is brave, confident, and determined. The Settings Thrace and the Underworld. Thrace is a beautiful, musical place. The Underworld is a deep, dark place of death. These two settings are very different and bring out a different side to the characters. Character Summary Orpheus is the main character. He is a talented musician. This tale mostly involves Orpheus trying to reunite himself with his love, which passed away, Eurydice.
Eurydice is Orpehus' dead love. She passed away while being bitten by a viper after their wedding.
Hades is the God of the Underworld. He allows Orpheus to have a chance to reunite with Eurydice. Setting Description Thrace: a brilliant town in Greece, which was the most music-influenced of Greece.

The Underworld: a place of darkness. All the souls after death inhabit here. Brainstorming Setting Character Developement Themes Orpheus, Eurydice, & Hades Important Characters: Themes: Pain of love lost.
Music can be spell-binding. Setting: This tale mostly takes place in Thrace and the Underworld. Characters Setting Themes The Pain of Love Lost:
The story is based on this theme. Orpheus is distraught that he lost Eurydice, and he doesn't want to be without her. So, he travels to the underworld to rescue his love. Unfortunately for him, he was too quick to see Eurydice, and lost her until his death. Music Can be Spell-Binding:
Orpheus has the greatest mortal talent of music,
which he uses on his journey to rescue Eurydice.
He charms the mighty Cerberus, the guard dog
of the underworld, the Furies, and even Hades
himself, whom gives Orpheus his love back to him,
under the condition he shall not look upon her
until they were out of the underworld. -son of a Thracian prince and one of the Muses.
-Soon he met Eurydice and married her. After their wedding, Eurydice was bitten by a viper and passed away. He chose to find her in the depths of the Underworld.
-enchanted everything in his path, with his great musical talent, and finally reached Hades. He negotiates with Hades, gets Eurydice back, but he looked too quick and lost her.
-ventures uncomforted and alone, and was killed by a band of Maenads, who tore him limb from limb. The Muses found him, and buried him under Mount Olympus. There the nightingales always sing more beautifully than anywhere else. Eurydice - A Static Character
Eurydice was Orpheus' love and wife.
She was bitten by a viper on their
wedding day and died. She almost
returned to the upper world, but
Orpheus failed his part of the
agreement and Hades closed the
Underworld, taking her with him. Hades - A Static Character.
Hades is the god of the
underworld and he agrees
with Orpheus to give him
a second chance with
Eurydice. He notices how
Orpheus looked back at
Eurydice and he closed up
the Underworld. Credits to:
Edith Hamilton

the author of Mythology. The End. Orpheus - A Static Character
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