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Google and China

Google and China Presentation by Chris Wetherson Global Studies- pd. 8/9

Chris Wetherson

on 14 May 2010

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Transcript of Google and China

and China On January 12, 2010 Google told the world they were leaving China. Google China was formed in 2005. It was headed by Kai-Fu Lee until September 4, 2009 Kai-Fu Lee left Google China to avoid upcoming debate on the Chinese Government censoring search results on sites like Google China. As of 3 a.m. on March 23, 2010 Google switched from Google.cn to Google.com.hk On March 30, 2010 the Chinese Government banned anyone in Mainland China to search any Google sites or use products. On January 12, 2010 Google announced on it's Official Blog that their systems were hacked and when traced it was from China, suspecting it was the Chinese Government The reason Google thought this was that the Communist Party or the Military did not have the resources to successfully hack Google's system. The other possible answer, officials in Beijing. 2000: A Chinese-language interface is developed for the google.com website

2006: Launch of China-based google.cn search page with censored results

Mar-Jun 2009: China blocks access to Google's YouTube site; access to other Google online services is denied to users

Jan 2010: Jan 2010 Google announces it is no longer willing to censor searches in China and may pull out of the country

Feb 2010: Hacking attacks on Google are traced to mainland China

March 2010: Google says it will re-route searches to its Hong Kong-based site
Since Google is now working out of Hong Kong, it is perfectly legal to not block the results, as the Chinese government would like. When a user logs onto Google.cn, they are now directed to Google.com.hk, after that the results go back to the users in Mainland China, but on the way there the results are still blocked by the government. Even though Google stopped blocking the results, China can still block them. China on the other hand has said that Google totally wronged them and broke a promise when Google China was first created. The accounts hacked were email accounts of activists leaving in the U.S. and had ties to the Free Tibet Movement. Google is breaking no censorship laws, now that they are based out of china, but if anything were to come up, The U.S. Government would defend them. As for now, Google will be staying out of China and in Hong Kong. As Google's Motto says "Dont Be Evil" If I was to make a day for China to celebrate it would be called Google Day In China. The day would consist of celebrating Google and Google's past. People would dance in the streets wearing the colors of Google. It would be held in the streets of Beijing to memorate the past and the streets of Hong Kong to memorate today. All sorts of people can come and they should come to support Google and the movement to get rid of censorship in china As Google's Motto says, "Dont Be Evil"
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