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3rd Quarter Physics Project

Physics Phriend or Phoe?

Rabale Hasan

on 31 March 2011

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Transcript of 3rd Quarter Physics Project

Physics in Star Trek (2009) Physics in Despicable Me! Right!
Vector (noun):a quantity that has magnitude and direction and that is represented by a directed line segment 3rd Quarter Physics Project! The End In this scene, Kirk takes his dad's car for a joy ride. A copper chases him until he reaches a cliff. He jumps out of the car while the car goes off the cliff. Should he have survived? Is Vector right or wrong? V=80 mph or 36 m/s
a=-4.9m/s² Using v(f)²=v(i)²+2ad to solve for distance:
0=(36 m/s)²+2(-4.9m/s²)d
d=1322.45 m or 4338.74 feet So would he survive? The answer is no. Assuming the distance from the car to the cliff is about 30 m or 98.42 feet, he needs a lot more room to stop. Finding acceleration.
a=(COF)g a=(0.5)(-9.8m/s²)
a=-4.9 m/s²
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