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Susan Holihan

on 6 September 2016

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Transcript of theme

A story's theme is the message about human nature, humanity or life that the author is trying to convey.
Theme must be expressed in a complete sentence--not a single word.
The easiest way to find theme is to think of the "big ideas" explored in the story.
It's what the story is about, once you strip away the plot.
Let's think of To Kill A Mockingbird. What are some of the "big ideas" explored in that book?
Then, take those big ideas and ask yourself, "What is the author saying about these ideas?"
That's the theme.
So, what is a theme of To Kill a Mockingbird?
The tricky thing about theme is that there are multiple right answers. As long as you can support your idea with evidence from the text, it's correct.
Take that, and put it into a complete sentence. You have found the theme!
So, let's practice!
On your own paper, write a one-chunk paragraph (ts, cd, cm, cm) where you identify the theme of "The Pedestrian."

This is due at the end of class!
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