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Abbey Gibb

on 23 January 2014

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By Abbey and Lauren
These people do covers of popular songs.
Cimorelli is a group of six girls who are all sisters. They make covers of popular songs and even have come out with original songs that are available on iTunes
MattyBraps is a young rapper who has had lots of success on Youtube the past few years. Only being at the age of ten, he has just a bit less than 2 million subscribers and has made a few covers with

Beauty gurus
These three beauty gurus have made large standouts within the beauty community on Youtube.
MacBarbie07 or Bethany Mota is a popular beauty guru on Youtube. She has recently come out with her own clothing line at Aeropostale and she makes a wide variety of videos on Youtube.
Talia was a young girl who made beauty related videos on Youtube, who was suffering from a childhood cancer. She had been been battling it for six and half years. This previous summer she passed away at age thirteen.
Michelle Phan
Michelle Phan is a woman who has gotten to create her own makeup brand.In the last couple months of 2013 she launched her makeup brand named Em cosmetics.
People (Vloggers)
These people do daily vlogs (video blogs) of their daily lives.
ItJudyslife is a family who vlogs their lives everyday, their vlogs center around what they enjoy like cooking and their daughter.
Shay Tards
The Shay Tards are a family of 7 who vlog their everyday lives. They have been vlogging for about five years.
CTFxC, or Charles and Alli are a couple who have been vlogging their daily life on Youtube for five years straight. Charles suffers from brain tumors and often has surgeries for this. For his latest surgery, he filmed it and posted it to Youtube to share it with his subscribers.
These people make humorous videos on Youtube and get millions of views on their videos
iiSuperwomanii is a Canadian woman who makes humorous videos that are some what truthful and some times you are able to relate to what her videos are about.
The Fine Bros
The Fine Bros make react videos which are videos where they show groups of people other videos, film their reaction and ask them questions about the videos. The groups of people they use usually consist of teens, seniors, children or other Youtubers.
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