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Technology Push

No description

Miss Awbery

on 7 November 2013

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Transcript of Technology Push

Market Pull
My hands get cold when walking outside to get to lessons

How can the problem be solved?

A way to keep your fingers warm in the winter months

Individual hole for each finger to allow for movement of each individual finger.

Additional Problem
I have a Samsung Galaxy S3

I need to check all my text messages and notifications on the way.

I have to take a glove off to operate the touch screen.

What is Market Pull?
It begins with demand or a need for a certain product.

Materials and manufacturing techniques may not even exist, but designers are required to have the vision to dream up ideas that will solve the problem.
A possible solution
but then my finger and thumb still gets cold
What is the need
To keep fingers covered with gloves

Operate the touch screen
Solving the problem
How do touch screens work?

Why does a touch screen work with my finger but not when it is covered with fabric?

Technology behind touch screens
Conductive thread
The thread comprises roughly 96 individual filaments, each coated with a micron-thick layer of natural silver.

It is slightly heavier than a regular sewing thread, but not as heavy as an upholstery thread. It can be hand sewn, or it can be sewn on most sewing machines using either a regular needle or the next size up. The thread does not fray.
Market Pull
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