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Growth of the company


on 28 February 2013

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Transcript of Old

Aframax Aframax MR’s - Oil / chemical VLCC Suezmax Time charter to Shell, BP, Teeky, ENI, Sanko Aframax tankers- Crude/Product Carriers Confident of Oil Major
approval & meeting crew matrix requirements after discussions with Shell vetting & Clearance Team on MOC. Shore staff available with relevant experience
on gas carriers
including LNG. Multi Purpose Heavy Lift [800mt] / Gen Cargo: 15,000 dwt Supramax: 58 - 61,000 dwt Cape: 180,000 dwt 6300 – 8500 TEU 6300 – 8500 TEU 6000 ~ 6300 TEU ~ 1800 TEU KEY PERFORMANCE
INDICATORS Year 2006 Mission passionate team Standards of the highest order across the fleet Protect interests of both
ship owner & seafarers CURRENT PRINCIPALS Synergy Group Synergy Marine Singapore Nissen Kaiun Co Inc, Japan 13 Ships 39 Ships Manning agents Yangon SERVICES RENDERED GROWTH / CLIENT SHIPS REMOVED OTHER THAN SALE - NIL FLEET GROWTH CURRENT FLEET PROFILE BULK CARRIERS
ONBOARD OUR PEOPLE - ASHORE Process Equipment SHIP MANAGEMENT - OUR VIEW people Quality Risk control Cost
Effectiveness TIME CHARTER
OPERATORS Shoe Kisen Kaisha, Japan J. Lauritzen, Denmark Pacific Carriers Limited, Singapore Tolani Shipping Pte Ltd, Singapore Singa Star / Pusaka Laut Pte Ltd, Singapore Grace Ocean Pte Ltd, Singapore Argosy Pte Ltd, Singapore Hanssy Shipping Pte Ltd, Singapore SGM Shipping, Geneva IT - WWW.SYNERGYMARINE.SG SHORE STAFF GAS CARRIER MANAGEMENT SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY TRAINING Pre joining training Refresher training Simulator training Seminars Periodical Trainers visit onboard Continuous induction of deck and engine cadets Superintendent visits – 2/3 Technical inspections & 1 QHSE inspection annually CBTs and videos from Seagull & Videotel 16 Marine Superintendents 17 Technical Superintendents / Naval Arch 130 Total staff Ratio of about 3:1 - Highest shore staff
within the industry Development with associate company – Think Palm ERP for accounts with standards meeting SOX (Sarbanes-Oxley Act) SMMS for computerized PMS across the fleet Making data collection and interpretation easier Fleet broad band on all ships for data exchange As a young group of professionals we take our roles in giving back to the society seriously. We earn to make a living, but we give to make a life. Sponsorship for trainee seamen and cadets. Ship’s crew with gas carrier
experience employed to sail on existing oil tankers for familiarization with company systems & procedures. THANK YOU SYNERGY'S ROOTS SYNERGY'S GROWTH Fleet
TC OPERATORS STRENGTH CONCEPT Synergy's Evolution PCL, SINGAPORE - 2012 VALUES Transparency - To create a world class brand in ship management and marine services. - To be acknowledged as a benchmark for ship management through our quality, professional, transparent and flexible services. - To remain as Niche and Boutique managers Marine Agencies New Building Supervisions Rightship Insurance Pre-Purchase Inspections QHSE and Navigational Audits Drydocking / Repairs Crew Training Contingency Assistance and Investigation Loss Prevention Seminars ECP Implementation with support of
Nissen Kaiun, Japan SYNERGY'S INCEPTION July 2006: Synergy Maritime Pvt Ltd, India registered as a marine services company; Path thus far... Aug 2006: ISM accreditation from Class NK Oct 2006: First ship for full technical and crew management; Feb 2008: ISO 9K, 14K & OHSAS accreditation by DNV; Feb 2008: First tanker for full technical management. Feb 2011: Audited [and approved] by Shell for T/C operations. Mar 2011: Audited [and approved] by BP for T/C operations. Dec 2011: Audited [and approved] by Exxon Mobil for T/C operations. * Feb 2012: Rated in the Top 5 T/C Managers in
the world by Shell. Ship Owners - unrestricted and live access - the condition of their vessel, its performance and money spent. Empathy Seafarers treated as a part of the company - strive to protect Ship Owners interests.
Staff ashore - feel and understand the problems faced by ship board staff and support them inexorably. Integrity Honesty & Truth in our every action provides comfort to all stakeholders and in turn maintains our reputation as that of a high quality service provider. Jalhansa - Agency
Singapore Synergy Maritime Chennai Synergy Manning
Manila Tankers
VLCC - 1
Suezmax - 1
Aframax - 8
MRs - 2 Bulkers/General Cargo/AHTS
Capesize - 7
Kamsar/Panamax - 1
Supra/Handymax - 8
Handymax - 7
General Cargo - 1
AHTS - 1 Containers - 16 TOTAL - 52 Nos Our TIME CHARTER
OPERATORS Handysize / Logger : 38,000 dwt Handymax: 50-52,000 dwt Kamsarmax: 83,000 dwt 6000 ~ 6300 TEU ~ 6000 TEU BP assured that there will
be no problem in crew matrix requirements if proper steps are taken towards risk mitigation. ‘Management of Change’ carried out to identify the hazards involved in managing Gas Carriers – Pressurized & Refrigerated. Same finalized after discussion with Oil Majors. Gas carrier specific operational guidance and precautions prepared and ready.
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