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cara cooper

on 17 July 2014

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How would an EMP affect using the internet?
Nobody would be able to use phones or computers to access the internet and, wouldn't be able to find out whats happening in different countries. For example, if other people, in different countries, knew what was happening and, if the same thing was also happening to other people.
As everyone would be working for themselves, jobs would no longer be a part of the society. People would have to learn how to do more complex tasks on their own. However in exchange for items-trading-some might want to work if it is rewarding. Services would no longer be available so in an emergency, there would be no one to help.
What is an EMP?
EMP stands for electromagnetic pulse. It is a short burst of highly powered electricity that has the ability to destroy every single electronic device in a large radius. This will cause an event likewise to an apocalypse. Men and women would be forced to fight for anything to keep them alive. This includes: food, medical utensils, clothes etc. This would cause riots, fights, and many deaths. Because of this, the world's society could quickly fall apart, leaving behind nothing but hate and tragedy. There are also many electronically powered devices that are currently being used to sustain a life; which would automatically fail when the power is switched off, promptly ending their life.

How would an EMP affect communication?
All mobile phones would no longer work. People would not be able to call their families, medical care and any other emergency services. No letters or parcels would be able to be sent overseas as there would be no transport to deliver
it. We would be cut off from the rest off the world with hundreds of unanswered questions.
What would happen
to jobs?
Banks and Finance
Because banks are only numbers on screens, everyone's money would just disappear. People would get very cross about it which would start lots of difficult conflicts. However money would be worthless so it wouldn't be worth fighting for.
How would EMP affect Transport?
Cars, trains, buses and any other forms of transport which require electricity would be useless. The only forms of travel would be things such as bikes, skateboards, wild animals and of course your own two legs. You would not be able to travel to distant family and would most likely never see them again.
Planes would fall from the sky and cause the people on board and the people who may be crushed to require medical care which they would fail to get. Nobody would be able to flee the tragedy which would be occurring.
Because a lot of things are provided especially for sick people, the hospitals would find it hard to continue looking after poorly people. For example, people on life support. As soon as the electricity would stop, everyone on life support would instantly die. Also, pacemaker users would find it hard to stay alive as their heart is helped kept monitored with electricity and power.
What will happen to the Government?
The essentials
We will no longer be able to get food from foreign countries. Many things we eat on a daily basis will disappear and we will begin to start to search for other food sources. We will have to hunt for our food and those who don't will have to search for fruit and vegetables which are suitable to eat.
Scavenging for food and water can lead to bad diseases and illnesses as the water and food could be contaminated. Everyone would have to make sure what they ate was clean. If anyone had got an illness then it would be very difficult to cure as the medicine would be scarce. People would most likely die.
If the electricity stops, water wont be able to run from the taps. This means that people will have to start finding places to get clean water, to drink and survive from. But, if people do drink from unclean, dirty water, it can lead to diseases and infections being passed around easily. (You can live up to 3 days without water, on average temperatures.)
Although the government has the most power at the moment, the strongest leader or somebody who wanted a lot of power would rise to the challenge of the leader. They might try to find a way to manipulate people into thinking the same way as they do which would lead to a very corrupt society-especially as it would be based around only one persons opinion. The government would most likely not exist anymore.
not good
me yesterday w/ gals :)
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