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Summer Homework AS Level Media

No description

Jordan Williams

on 19 September 2016

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Transcript of Summer Homework AS Level Media

Media summer work
The list of films that are going to be criticized in this presentation:
The Dark Knight
The Dark Knight:
Amazing performances by actors, especially the antagonist 'The Joker' played by Heath Ledger an outstanding actor.
Costumes were very accurate to what the audience wanted to see.
The whole relationship between The Batman and The Joker in this film was well presented on the screen. The battle between The joker and Batman was a psychological battle, the point of this battle was to see whose ideology is correct- Can humans be truly good or are they sadistic cruel creatures.
Minor parts of the movie didn't make sense for example the scene where the man pulls a gun out on Harvey Dent in the court, how does someone sneak through security with a gun in the court of law?
In the interrogation scene Heath Ledger felt actual physical pain as he asked Christian Bale to give him a 'proper beating'. This is very problematic because this scene could of turned out a lot worse by causing injury to Heath Ledger.
The plot to this story is well presented and good, the excitement levels when watching this movie only went up.
The acting in this movie was splendid, especially by actors; Bradley Cooper and Robert De Niro.
There was a lot of character development for the protagonist, from being a lazy unsuccessful author to a multi-talented influential man
Although this movie was very exciting, there wasn't as many side effects of this wonder drug as it should have, therefore not creating barrier for the protagonist to overcome. Even though you could die by instantly stopping taking the drug, if you think about it intelligently then you could easily by pass this side-effect making the wonder drug all benefits and no drawbacks, even though the protagonist brought this drug by some very sketchy shady guy, you would aspect a lot more disadvantages.
The movie is very original. During the whole movie until the very end, it was focusing on the protagonists computer screen, this has never been seen on the movie screen before.
The characters dialogues were very accurate to teens/ young adults today. The internet slang that they used were spot on, the way the actors acted had an immature kind of feel of a teenager.
Not very scary for a Thriller/ Horror. There wasn't many jump scares that left the audience jumping out of their seats, most of the scenes were very anti-climatic.
During the start of the film, the protagonist had useful information that could of saved her friends but stupidly decides to discard the information as unimportant, the information was 'Do not answer messages from the dead', but yet she didn't find this important?
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