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What Marks Success?

Social Media Success . monitor..monitor

Nancy VanReece

on 22 August 2013

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Transcript of What Marks Success?

Measuring Success
Comparission Analysis
Tools To Measure
What marks success
Measurable goals for social media platforms
Customer Engagement
Number of Followers
and Likes
Look for Retention
Brand metrics
Positive brand associations via social media campaigns can help drive clicks
It's A Conversation
check your score weekly
check your report weekly and compare to other comparable twitter accounts
Hyper Alerts for Facebook
set up your own as well as other pages you'd like to study responses from
Hootsuite Analytics Summary Reports
ow.ly reports
facebook insights
google analytics on hootsuite will show tweet to website activity
Nielsen noted that 37% of all U.S. mobile consumers had a smartphone in 2011
655,020 people
who live within 25 miles of Nashville, TN are on Facebook ( July 2011 )
WeFollow will show top active Nashville Influencers on Twitter that have sign up with them:
You Tube
channel , uploads and subscribers
look for conversations and retention
subscribe to the blogs like:
grab the books:
Open Leadership
bottom line: Interact with people or become irrelevant
Success =
any increased conversation
any increased sharing
Nielsen noted that 62% of all U.S. mobile consumers had a smartphone in 2013
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