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Listening to the Student Voice

Prezi by Prezzip

Student Voice

on 23 May 2013

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Transcript of Listening to the Student Voice

Listening to the Student Voice How do we listen to the Student Voice at Cardiff? Student Feedback comes from:
Student Academic Representatives
Students' Union Student Academic Representatives - What are they? We train and support them throughout the academic year What do they do? Ask their cohort
Listen to their comments
Feedback these issues to their Schools
Discuss survey results
Promote future surveys
Give a representative view and a personal view
All Schools are aware of what's expected from a Student-Staff Panel What do we do with the feedback? Unresolved issues are taken to a higher decision making bodies
Students discuss issues with the Sabbatical Officers in College Forums
Talk to University groups involved e.g library
Use feedback to improve
Student-Staff Panel minutes Students' Union Partnership - Student Voice Officer
College Forums
Education Exec
Wider University meetings
Education and students policy network
Meetings with SMT
Campaign weeks 'Speak Week' What happens to the information? Sabbatical Officers and Senior School staff attend high level decision making meetings which consider the information and can make changes as a result of student feedback
E.g Prayer room locations A large part of the student voice is also surveying the student body... Nearly 1,000 students are democratically elected from their cohort
Represent the 28,000 students at Cardiff University in meetings called Student-Staff Panels Welcome to Cardiff
Has run for 8 years!

Reasons for studying a degree
Applying to Cardiff
Arrival at Cardiff
Early experiences The National Student Survey. Has also run for 8 years!

Teaching on my course
Assessment and feedback
Organisation and management
Academic support
Learning resources
Personal development
Overall satisfaction Postgraduate level surveys
PTES is based on the same areas as the NSS
Also asks if reality has met expectations

Research culture
Progress and assessment
Research skills
Professional development
Overall experience Other surveys
Study at Cardiff
Study away from Cardiff
Students’ Union Satisfaction survey What happens to survey data?

Data provided to interested parties
Development of School and Directorate action plans
Student reps Why surveys are important?

Institutional review
League tables
Value for money The role of Registry
Often the ‘first point of call’
Manage the student record – this determines which survey students are asked to complete
The student experience is a pan-institution one and not one based on the classroom
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