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Family Dynamics in Fasting, Feasting

No description

Paul Perez-Jimenez

on 12 October 2013

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Transcript of Family Dynamics in Fasting, Feasting

Parenting Methods & Family
in Fasting,

Analysing The Delicate Web of Family
The Pattons'
Lack of mutual understanding
The role of Uma and Melanie
Similarities Between Parenting In Both Families
& Authoritarian Parenting
Authoritarian Parents
have all the power. Decisions are made for the child without explanation or discussion. The parent holds firm stances.
“And so my madcap wanted to run away and leave her Mama? What will my madcap do next?” (144)
“‘Leave all that,’ Mama snapped at her. We are not sending you back to school, Uma. You are staying home to help with Arun’” (18)
“But ayah can do this... Uma tried to protest when the orders came too thick or fast” (30).
“The sun would have sunk, there would be perhaps half an hour left of dusty daylight-in the summer, but not in the winter-when Papa would stride into the office, see off the last of the tutors (who also got the very last dregs of Arun’s dwindling attention)...Arun would rise creakily to his feet, scrabble together his books and notes in a great pile, and shuffle off to his room with the gait of a broken old man.” (119)
Aruna Vs. Uma
“When Uma was still watching to see that Arun did not crawl off the veranda and break his neck...Aruna was already climbing into bicycle rickshaws and going off to the cinema” (80).
“Here was Aruna visibly ripening on the branch, asking to be plucked: no one had to teach her how make samosas or help her dress for an occasion” (85)
Range from Indulgent To Indifferent Parenting

Mrs. Patton -Indulgent Parenting:
Parents do not enforce the boundaries or set little boundaries. It is the opposite of authoritarian parenting since the child holds all the power. Indulgent parenting is weak and soft.

Mr. Patton - Indifferent Parenting:
Parent does not show much interest in their child’s needs and life is centered on the parent.
Works Cited
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Desai, Anita. Fasting, Feasting. New York: Houghton Mifflin, 2000. Print.
Mr. Patton & Indifferent Parenting
“Where are the kids? What have they been doing all day? Are they doing any work around here?” (203)
“He reacted by not reacting, as if he had simply not heard or understood.” (185)
Mrs. Patton & Indulgent Parenting
“Oh...I told you, they take down what they like. Out of the freezer you know, or they make a sandwich. And they don’t like sitting at a table either” (198).
“‘I hate scrambled eggs! Why don’t you ask me what I want? Why don’t you make me what I want?What do you think we are-garbage bags you keep stuffing and stuffing?’” (207) .
“Mrs. Patton gives a little shaken laugh and says, ‘What’s gotten into her? What can she mean? My family is just so strange.’” (207)
The Ingredients of a Happy Family
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