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ics18SPI ; ics18MAR ; ics18ROD

Incarnation Catholic

on 23 May 2016

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Somebody could scan every word you tell them and find information about you. By telling people your personal information, you can ruin your own or someone's life and a chance to get a good future.
Think before you act. Everything can be taken away from you by a simple video or photo or comment on the internet. Don't give out personal information on the internet.
If you were to turn in an application for a job, the head leader can see all of your documents. It could put your reputation at risk. You have the responsibility to save your own or someone's future and their education.
You have to be careful before you put something on the internet. Your friends or family members can see what you put on the internet.
You have to be careful when you go to a place with your friends because you can go crazy and people will find out what you did. Even if you remove something from the internet, people can still find it on other websites.

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