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WASC Group C- March 14

No description

Kim Johnson Lozano

on 14 August 2014

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Transcript of WASC Group C- March 14

Session 1 Goals
1. Understand what the "end goal" is

2. As a group, discuss and refine the survey questions

3. Start discussion about each criteria and preliminary findings
What is the end Goal?
Jeannie Lee, lead the entire 2009-2010
recertification process and will be sharing with the group what the "end goal" is and how all that we are doing is working towards this goal.
Criteria Question Review
At this point everyone should have collected evidence for the question they are focusing on


It is also important for us to come together as a group and bounce ideas off of one another and get the insight of other individuals as we will need to have a more well-rounded outlook as we prepare and write our WASC drafts.
Now that you have read over and made notes on how we can improve our survey questions we are going to go question by question and attempt to revise.
What we have done so far:
1. Read the Exemplar of Focus Group C from 2009-2010
2. Added evidence to the evidence Google Documents
3. Added survey questions to the Goggle Document
4. Collect a good amount of evidence (interviews & documentation)
5. Read and/or look through GSIS student and community profile.pdf,
GSIS WASC mid-term report, GSIS Strategic Action Plan.
Survey Questions - Darryl Harding
It has been the request of Joe that we refine and get these questions complete within the hour.
WASC Group C- Meeting 4 & 5

1. Please take a moment to read over the questions
2. As you are reading ask yourself the following:
* Are these questions necessary for a survey or can they be answered in some other way?
* Can we combine some questions?
* How can we reword some of these questions to make them more clear?
* Should we direct these questions to other groups of people in the GSIS community?
* Are there any questions we should be asking that we are not?

Criteria Question Review
We will attempt to get through 6 groups today and assist these groups with their drafts.
We will also start to think about strengths and areas of improvement for the school as it pertains to our Criteria (Support for student personal and Academic Growth).
Teams will be called up in order
Read question
Explain what you have learned so far (past, present, future)
List how you think the school is meeting this area well
List how you think the school can focus on this area more/better
Explain what you think your next steps are in answering this question

As a group we will offer advice, ask questions, & brainstorm so that we can help lead you in the path of success of we start to write your preliminary draft at the end of the day
Starting your Preliminary Draft
Go to Schoology
Click on Focus Group C
Click on WASC Focus Group C Indicator Groups
open WASC Group C Criterion Template
Follow the steps listed in the template

Over the course on the next month you will start writing a preliminary draft to your criteria indicator question. This will be developed, revised, and discussed several times over the course of these meetings.

This preliminary draft once "perfected" will eventually become a part of the WASC self study report that Mrs. Jeannie Lee spoke to us about earlier in the day.

For guidance please refer to the WASC 2009-2010 Self Study Report,
Mr. Fambo, Mrs. Adams, Mrs. Lozano.
We meet again on May 5.

You should have your draft 80% complete by May 5.

Your first draft will be due 2 meetings from today on May 19.
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