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No description

Osvaldo Aguilar

on 23 January 2013

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Transcript of Longboarding

If you dont know what longboarding is or you want to get into longboarding but don't know what to do or what get well this might help .I'll be showing you the basic stuff you should know about longboarding like wheels , decks , trucks , gear and etc. Type of Wheels There is a lot of wheels out there these are some of the categories of the most used wheels Cruising wheels small to medium wheel that are designed for traction and maneuverability make great wheels for casual longboarding Free Ride Wheels Downhill Wheels Medium to large wheels with rounded edges that are intended for powerslides and moderate extreme hills Large wheels intended for traction and performance at higher speeds on aggressive hills Intro Cruising/Carving boards Type of Longboards/decks Freeride longboards I'll be showing you the type of longboard there is and what they are good for. There are many boards out there but these are the most popular categorizes Great selections for those looking for a good way to get to class. work or the grocery store. These medium length longboards are great for moderate speeds powerslides and aggressive turns Helmet Regular skating helmet There is a couple of different helmets some of the most used for longboarding are regular skating helmets and speed helmets Regular skating helmets are the classic turtle shell shape helmet commonly use by all type of sports like skating,longboarding,rollerblading and etc Speed Helmet Speed helmets have a special type of shape that allows it to go threw wind easier to catch that really nice speed . Its also a full face helmet for that extra protection Helmets you should buy! .Protec Classic Helemt .Triple 8 Brainsaver rubber helmet .Triple 8 Downhill Racer Helmet .Sector 9 Predator DH6 Downhill Longboard Helemet Decks you Should buy Recommended boards .Loaded Tan Tien Longboard .Loaded Dervish Flex longboard .Sector 9 Aperture Sidewinder complete longboard 36' Wheels to buy When ever you buy wheels never go for the brand or if you think it looks cool because those are not always the best and sometimes way to expensive . Always read and observe the wheel before buying it you might buy the wrong type of wheel that is not able to do the type of riding you want. Wheels to buy Speed wheels: .Orangatang Heats .Speed demons Retros red Sliding Wheels: .Orangatang stimulus .Sector 9 Butterballs slide Formula Sliding Gloves Good Gloves to buy What do they do? Sliding gloves is something you really dont need to buy unless you want to do some sliding . There something good to have because you can do so much things with them. Sliding gloves are mostly used by people who like riding downhill it allows you to do a powerslide and touch the floor withouht scraping you skin of. Some of the best sliding gloves are made by loaded they are really good for beginners and for pros. I really cant say which gloves to buy because that's up to you to decide Down Hill Longboards These longer,sturdy longboards are intended for high speeds, stability, high speeds, hairpin turns , and high speeds Most popular Downhill: Downhill and freeriding are the most popular type of riding . Basically if you dont ride downhill then you should just stop riding.Downhill is the reason people longboard, not using your board for that is like buying a pillow and not sleeping in it. History Before starting its good to know a little about the topic you're learning about How it started: Longboarding/Skateboarding originated in Oahu, Hawaii. Surfers used longboarding/skateboarding as a cross-trainer, When the waves were dull they would go for a cruise. How? They would immitate the moves of surfing a wave by skimming their hands across the ground, carving quickly, changing their positioning on the board and trying to keep everything flowing. Did you know? . Longboarding or Skateboarding wasn’t what it
was originally called. It was actually called Sidewalk Surfing. It wasn’t until 1959 when longboarding/skateboarding hit the market
place. Skateboards were sold all over the place,
toy stores, convenient stores, etc. First Pro longboard Makaha, was the first professional board distributor. Gordan and Smith made the first fiberglass boards, more popularly they were also known as G&S. But, of course, these things were very dangerous at this time in our history. Longboarding lives!!! What made it popular The first longboards They were made out of, a plank of wood, trucks that came from rollerskates and the metal wheels that were on them. It took people a while to find out clay wheels were more safe. & it took even more time to figure out wheels that were made out of urethane were not only safer, but smoother and also had more grip. Cadillac, a branch off of the longboarding/skateboarding company named Bahne, were the first company to discover the urethane formula that was sufficient for skateboarding wheels. This sport came to an abrupt death for a few years after people that the sport was to wreckless. However in 1973, often known as the second wave of the sport, that longboarding/skateboarding became a popular sport again. The urethane wheels brought the sport back to life. Finally companies designed trucks that were made just for this sport, some of the most popular ones were (and still are!!) Independent, Tracker, Gullwing and Bennett. End I hope you guys liked this and if i was able to get at least one person into longboard ride safe and if you fall keep riding because that's how you learn Sources Sources used for this presentatoin: http://www.muirskate.com/longboard/wheels/all/ http://www.muirskate.com/longboard/decks/all/ http://longboardskateboard.org/history-of-longboarding.php
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