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Preliminary analysis

Analysis of the preliminary project which was a chase scene.

Laura Dent

on 26 October 2012

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Transcript of Preliminary analysis

Chase scene Preliminary project The brief was to
construct a chase
scene around two minutes long. The idea of the sequence was alright, but the construction of the project could have been improved. Firstly, the acting was
terrible as it seemed too false, so we should have chosen the actor more carefully. Timings could be improved by making the shots quicker and so the sequence flows better. Although we did use a range of camera shots and angles, some of them weren't really that effective and were poorly done. So we maybe could have spent more time planning and practicing, they would have looked better.
At some points, the camera seemed jumpier than it should have been, despite the fact it was a chase scene. If we had have planned it out more thoroughly, then maybe it wouldn't have looked so rushed and better quality. We should have made sure we had filmed enough footage, so we had more than enough for back up. Instead, we left it to last minute to make sure we had enough footage, and when we didn't, we had to shoot something quickly which made the ending look bad. The ending could have been more dramatic or jumpy, in order to have carried out the same genre of suspense rather than comedic at the end. We did like the use of the establishing shots, as it shows that the building is empty and gives a creepy feeling. Another good point is the music fits really well with the mood and genre of the chase scene.
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