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Types of Conflict

No description

Christina Varela

on 20 November 2012

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Transcript of Types of Conflict

Types of Conflict There are two types of
- External Conflict
- Internal Conflict External conflict is when a character has a conflict with a force outside of himself.

Internal conflict is when a character has a conflict within himself. It could be a conflict of the heart or the mind. Man vs. Man is when a character and another character are having a conflict. External Confilct
Man vs. Man Man vs. Society is when the way of life and
or culture/government is being challenged. External Conflict
Man vs. Society Man vs. Self is when the character is having a
hard time making decisions or solving problems within himself. Internal Conflict
Man vs. Self External Conflict
Man vs. Nature Man vs. Nature is when a man has to overcome a natural obstacle whether it is an animal or just the weather. Can you identify the different types of conflicts in the following stories? Think of one character in the novel we are reading and describe a type of conflict that he or she is experiencing.
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