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Year 9 product design ACCESS FM

No description

shamus murphy

on 18 September 2012

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Transcript of Year 9 product design ACCESS FM

ACCESS FM To learn how we use product analysis to help generate product ideas.

To come up with a range of design ideas using a range of drawing techniques
Learning Objectives A - Aesthetics (meaning appearance)
C - Cost (meaning a price range)
C - Customer (meaning the person who wants to buy it)
E - Environment (meaning where it is used and how eco-friendly it is) S - Safety (meaning how safe it is)
S - Size (meaning how big it is)
F - Function (meaning what job it does)
M - Materials (meaning what materials would you need to make it) ACCESS FM Aesthetics Function Cost Materials Size Environment Customer Safety
Finish off your designs

Remember you work must be produced to a high standard
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