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No description

Ashlyn Bieber

on 11 January 2015

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Transcript of Friends

"Friends" is about a group of six friends who all meet up in Manhattan. They support each others ups and downs through out 10 phenomenal seasons, explaining their lives with one another. Their relationships are shared with love,laughter, and tears, that the audience experiences with them.
Monica Geller
Occupation: Chef
Relationship: Married to Chandler
Born: April 22, 1971
Fun fact: Neat freak, was much
over weight when she was younger
Occupation: Actress
Relationship: Divorced to David Arquette (June 12, 1999- May 2013)
Born: June 15, 1964 (49)
Fun fact: She has a daughter named "Coco" (born June 2004)
Courtney Cox
Rachel Green
Jennifer Aniston
Occupation: Executive at Ralph Lauren
Relationship: Dating Ross (had a baby named Emily)
Born: May 5, 1970
Fun fact: She appeared on Friends running away from her wedding, and as a teenager she was very spoiled.
Occupation: Actress, film directer, and producer
Relationship: Divorced Brad Pitt (2000- 2005)
Born: Feb 11, 1969 (45)
Fun fact: She was the first ever GQ Women of the Year, and was most beautiful woman in 2004 in People's magazine
Ross Geller
David Schwimmer
Occupation: Palientologist
Relationship: Dating Rachel (had a baby named Emily)
Born: October 18, 1973
Fun fact: He appreciates getting called by Dr.Geller
Occupation: Actor, producer, director
Relationship: Married to Zoe Buckman (2010)
Born: Nov 2,1996 (47)
Fun fact: He's the voice of Melman (the giraffe) in
Madagascar, has a daughter: Cleo Buckman Schwimmer, in 2011
Phoebe Buffay
Lisa Kudrow
Occupation: "singer and guitarist"
Relationship: Married to Mike
Born: Feb 16, 1967
Fun fact: She's known very well for her one song,
"Smelly Cat", she has very strong beliefs on animals, and society, and whenever she has to make up a name, she uses "Regina Phalange"
Occupation: Actress, writer, comedienne, producer
Relationship: Michel Stern (1995)
Born: July 30, 1963 (50)
Fun fact: She's the guidance councilor in Easy A, she was pregnant during friends, so they wrote her in for having triplets, and has a son Julian Murray (May 7, 1998)
Joey Tribbiani
Occupation: Actor
Relationships: MANY
Born: Jan 9, 1968
Fun fact: He acts very immature, italian, LOVES food, his
pickup line is "how you doin'?
Matt Leblanc
Occupation: Actor
Relationship: Divorced Melissa McKnight (2003-2006)
Born: July 25, 1967 (46)
Fun fact: He has a daughter Marina, born 2004, she began suffering seizures when only eight months old, when she was two,
it was informed she had Dysplasia, and he did inapropriate actions, causing their divorce in Oct 6, 2006
Chandler Bing
Occupation: Junior Advertising Copywriter
Relationship: Married to Monica
Born: April 8, 1968
Fun fact: He always makes jokes, people think he's a bit feminine, they make fun of his middle name "Muriel"
Occupation: Actor, director, producer, writer
Born: August 19, 1969 (44)
Fun fact: He's in 17 again (older Mike O'Donnell), dated Julia Roberts, Yasmine Bleeth, Lauren Graham, and Lizzy Caplan, he had a drug addiction, but stopped.
Matthew Perry
Every episode of friends starts with "The one where..."
There's 10 seasons (and I've watched every episode at least twice)
Cole sprouse is Ross's son, "Ben"
Ross gets married three times (first to a woman who also liked woman, then he said the wrong name at the chapel, then he was in Vegas and drank too much)
Phoebe has an "evil" twin (Ursela)
Janice appears several times on the show and she is known for saying...."OH MY GOD!"
Friends is known for the coffee shop (They are always there)
#136- The One That Could Have Been
This episode explains what could of happened with their life if they did something differently.... How it would affect their life. Each character had a different story, but they all met up in the end. I found it very interesting to see their lives in a whole other perspective, because it led you thinking about your own life. What if you never joined the house leauge soccerteam? What if you ended up moving to that other house? Anything and everything you do DOES have an impact on your life, whether it's good or bad. It just questions you, if you make the right choice. Here's a clip of Phoebe's life, if she ended up accepting her job as a stockbroker.
I think you should watch Friends because it's so entertaining to watch these friends go through so much together, you might think it's and "old" show, but if you starts watching it, it's very intriguing. Every character has a special uniqueness to them that just makes the show so PERFECT! You will never get bored when watching this show, so much happens
to them that it's so unpredictable, you never know what's going to happen next. Everyone has there favourite character for different reasons, for their personality.Chandler is the funny one, who is always making jokes (he's never serious.) Ross is the geeky one, he's in love with dinosaurs, and he always has to be right. Rachel is the girly one, she enjoys fashion, and she's always been that "spoiled little girl." Monica is the neat freak, everything has to be her way, and she's VERY competitive. Joey is the dumb one. There's always that dumb person in every show, and that's Joey. He's stupidity always makes everyone laugh. Phoebe is the unique one. She always wears these unusual clothes, and she is very stubborn on her beliefs!
I think you should watch Friends because it's a very funny show. Also it's interesting to watch the characters go through so much together, you never know what crazy things are going to happen. Let's just say, this show never get's boring. The characters all have different personalities that make the show so much more perfect. Ross is the geeky one. He's in love with dinosaurs, and he always has to be right. Chandler is the funny one. He always makes jokes (you'll never see him serious). Joey is the dumb one. There's always that dumb one in the show, and that's Joey. His stupidity makes everyone laugh. Rachel is the girly one. She's really into fashion, and she's always been "daddy's little girl." Monica is the uptight one. She's a neat freak, and super competitive. Phoebe is the creative one. She wears very creative clothes, and she has very strong beliefs! As a group, they make a very intriguing show!
235 episodes
10 seasons
6 main characters
Other important characters
Creator: Freshprince
Producer: David Crane
Writer: David Crane,
and Marta Kauffman
Start: Sept 22, 1994
Finish: May 6, 2004
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