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How does the use of ICT enhance literacy?

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Danny Wright

on 17 October 2013

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Transcript of How does the use of ICT enhance literacy?

The use of Technology and ICT in Maths
Teachers can use technology in a number of different ways during a maths lesson. Websites such as Khan academy and Education City are very popular amongst primary pupils. These websites provide games and activities which can engage and challenge pupils in both KS1 and KS2.

Teachers can also use the schools Ipads and Apple TV experience a number of different mathematical games and challenges on the interactive whiteboards, both as lesson warm ups or as plenary's to review learning in a fun and engaging way.

Can you complete the leap frog game? this was used in a year 6 class at school, pupils worked together to complete this game as an additional challenge at the end of a maths lesson.
Using ICT Across the Curriculum
The use of technology to enhance literacy
Use of ICT in History
Pupils would be able to do individual interviews as a historical inquiry with adults about their past and for this they could use digital recorders and then transfer the file onto a computer

Although this is a physical (often outdoors) lesson not often associated with ICT or Technology; there is plenty of scope for both with in a variety of topics.
The Use of Technology and ICT in Physical Education
How it can be used
Accessing materials
Looking at examples of work
Creating videos
Reading materials into a microphone
Taking photographs
Used in place of 'real books'
Fun and interactive games
Making music
Talking books
How does that benefit the learner?
Pupils are given the opportunity to explore the subject for themselves
•The technology does not need to be high-tech to be useful, simply recording the voice of a child into a microphone can help remove the anxieties associated with some written work.
using photos to create a storyboard including pictures of pupils can help to make the material relatable.
playing educational games can help to develop skills
Pupils can share their work instantly through 'mirroring' on the IWB and receive instant peer feedback
Ipads for research
Video cameras for recording and analysing movement, skills and sequences
Presentations within the classroom eg/ historical content of Physical Education
Time gates used to measure running speed.
Youtube videos to watch perfect models of a skill.

Here is a short historical video
Other aspects to help
Other uses for ICT within History

You could make a database of the different games children can play
You could get the children to do a presentation about a certain aspect of history such as clothes
Get children to take pictures using a digital camera and then incorporate this into a document that includes text and an explanation about their picture
Children can use the internet to do some researching
You can use ICT to help with things such as playing online historical games to help children to learn
ICT and Technology in Maths
This video shows some of the important aspects of ICT which can be used throughout a maths lesson. It presents some of the issues with inexperienced teachers using ICT in a maths lesson and also provides you with resources to provide guidance and ideas for incorporating ICT into maths .
With the wealth of educational
apps available there really is no
excuse not to use ICT. Teachers
can save lots of time on resource
making with the cost of an app...
Many of which are free!
Research has shown that ICT in Physical Education is mainly used within the upper key stages of schooling. In Key Stages 3 and 4 PE students have theory lessons where ICT is easier to use and has more benfits such as watching a video, a presentation or analysing footage. (Thomas and Gratton, 2006)

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