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Gupta, A. and Ferguson, J. (1997) Discipline and Practice: ‘

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caterina mazzilli

on 13 October 2014

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Transcript of Gupta, A. and Ferguson, J. (1997) Discipline and Practice: ‘

Gupta, A. and Ferguson, J. (1997)
Discipline and Practice: ‘The field’ as Site
, Method and Location in Anthropology
in Gupta, A. and Ferguson, J. (eds.): Anthropological locations: boundaries and grounds of a field science. Berkeley: University of California Press

The field
is one of the less examined concepts in the anthropological sector.
Field work and ethnography
have long been considered two characterizing feature of social anthropology
Anthropological knowledge
is considered to be based on
First imperative
The idea of the field functions in micro-political academic practices through which anthropological work is distinguished from works in related disciplines.
Second imperative
Doubt about the adequacy of ethnography to the intellectual and political challenges of the contemporary postcolonial world (example of
- Appadurai)
The single factor determining whether a piece of research will be considered as anthropological is the extent to which it depends on experience in the field.
Is it just a taken-for-granted place when a culture waits to be studied?
How did the field become part of the common sense and professional practice?
How did the idea of
the field
bound and normalise the practice of anthropology? Why some studies are considered
real anthropology
and other are not?
Need to rework of notion of
the field
Anthropology teaches us that tradition are reworked and even reinvented.
De-fetishising the concept of the field
Developing phenomenological and epistemological strategies that foreground questions of location, intervention and situated knowledge
Re-defining the fieldwork
with an attentiveness to the social, cultural and political location
Reconceptualisation on fieldwork
Group: Caterina Mazzilli, Jenny Spicer, Entesar Qurashi
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