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Amr fathi

No description

amr fathi

on 5 September 2015

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Transcript of Amr fathi

Amr fathi
for EPSF SEO 2014-2015

EPSF SEO 2014-2015
Thank you!
Why !
What !
-Who !
-Why !
-What !
Who !
in EPSF !
Experience !
for outgoing

for incoming
Targets !
for outgoing
- Make sure he/she deserve
- Giving all information
- Avoid problems
- Having the best experience

Positive influence
- Getting all
updated information
about each country from its SEO
as soon as he will be elected.

- Session for the LEOs about SEP and How they could choose ? .
(during the annual congress)

- First interview / by the LEO (
three competitors
each contract )

- Final interview / by the SEO ( recorded by a video )

- Follow up (
every ten days
) .

- Session for the outgoing students ( during the symposium )

EPSF Poster
(each students in his SEP country)

- Souvenirs representing EPSF

-Previous outgoing students will be asked to give a brief word and a picture of their SEP and will be published on EPSF page
Targets !
for incoming
- Full image about pharmacy in egypt
- Giving sufficient information
- Having the best experience

Positive influence

increase the incomers
Good memories of Egypt and EPSF
- Using last years's media including all the videos and pictures to make a
for the new year

- Newsletter

- A brief word from the former incomers about their SEP in Egypt
for promotion

- Giving the incoming students a
recent updated file
about the places they will visit including the prices,durations and all details

- “
you are welcome in Egypt
” Posters ( countdown )

- Memory linkage

connecting places with a memory )

- New places (
siwa oasis
) .. Already have the contact

step 1
step 2
step 3
step 1
step 2
step 3
-Member in
since 2012
Best Active Member


- Participated in
Diabetes La Fiesta
"Taking Egypt to the world Guinness Records"
- Participated in
symposiums ,
congress and

Positive influence
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