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Jayce Pezzelle

on 12 July 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

An Unnecessary Evil

The Facts and Figures
Suicide is ranked as the
leading cause amongst all Americans while in the adolescent age bracket it is ranked
Steps to Solving the Crisis
Understanding the Condition
Many children experience similar hardships and trials as those that attempt to commit suicide but find atlernative ways of dealing with their problems. Physical activity as well as creative and encouraged artistic play can stimulate dopamine and endorphines in the brain and well as allow for sublimation of self-destructive emotions.
Media Bombs
Adolescent Suicide
Suiced rates steadily increase from the beginning of the genital stage until they plateau at the age of the 25(the age at which the average human developes a relatively stable, "adult" mind.
Firearms and teenagers don't mix. The suicide rate in general of the 15 states with the highest rates of gun owners where double the 15 lowest.

Does this mean guns cause suicides, no but guns cause successful suicides. A whopping 90% of gun related suicide attempts are fatal while only 3% of poison suicide attempts are successful.
American Journal of psychology recorded that in the Netherlands they seemed to experience a rare phenomena as psychiatrist consistently agreed to take teens of antidepressants the teen suicide rate rose to a record 50% in 2004 before steadily falling to new and consistent lows.
The major difference in the adult mind according to current psychological norms is the inability of youth to perceive a world that is not egocentric. To this end almost all adolescence believe in their personal fable. In this world where they are the assumed protagonist success is assured and logical risks are not adequately measured. This can often lead to accidental suicide such as overdose or car crashes.
Another repercussion of living in an egocentric frame of mind is the imaginary audience. In the same vein as the personal fable, if I am the hero of my own story there must be someone reading it. Indeed the entire world is essentially watching my every move and slight embarrassments that the adult consciousness can shrug of can lead to such deep rooted feelings of inadequacy that a youth may commit suicide for being dumped or even failing to make a grade or team.
Lastly the youth consciousness, in its self-centered state is far more impacted by media. Movies and even commercials are much more persuasive because everything in the world is believed to be generated FOR the youth in particular. We see this as psychosis where schizophrenics recieve specific message from the radio and television but we all generally feel this way growing up.
Primarily adolescence need to be accepted and validated by adults but especially by peers. Parents should take extra steps to get to understand the social interactions of their children without limiting choice.
Media should not as often be monitored but rather discussed. Any image, movie or work of art can only have as much power as the perceiver lets it have. Watching controversial or violent media will rarely have detrimental impact if the work of art is genuinely explored on multiple levels.
Exercise, balanced diet, free time to explore the world outside of school and work. Diversity of interests and social settings, all these culminate in a life worth living for as the social creatures that we are as well as drastically different perspectives that can help shed light on challenging situations in youth.
Seeing as adolescence will undoubtedly lead to reckless acts reguardless of mentation I would like to see legislature that prohibits any family currently raising an adolescent from keeping a firearm in the house.
Lastly and perhaps most controversially I would like to see legislation passed that keeps children off the battlefield. There is concrete evidence that the mind is incredibly affected by trauma until age 25, let's make that the enlisting age.
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