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No description

Caroline Brooks

on 19 October 2015

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Transcript of Cinderella

Core Story
Female protagonist does brunt work for her family (cleaning)
There are 3 sisters
Sisters are jealous of her beauty
Female protagonist is not allowed to attend event of importance
Has magical helper
Given a gown
Loses an identifying object at event
A well known male searches for the protagonist with the identifying object
No other girl was able to prove that the object was theirs except for the female protagonist
She is unidentified by those around her until the end
The male character finds the female protagonist and end up together.
Disney Version

Fair, Brown, and Trembling (Irish Cinderella)
Author: Unknown
Modern Version
Another Cinderella Story starring Selena Gomez and Drew Seeley produced by Dylan Sellers
Grimm Brother's Version
The Beginning
The mother about to die, tells her only daughter to be kind and pious.
The rich man whose wife died remarried a woman with 2 beautiful daughters but they have ugly hearts.
Daughter cruel towards Cinderella and make her work and sleep by the ashes
Father went to fair, asks 3 daughter what they wanted
The 2 sisters want dresses and jewels
Cinderella wants the 1st twig that knocks off his hat
Cinderella planted the twig on mother’s grave, visited 3 times a day and prayed/wept to it, the birds gave her what she wished for.
The king held Festival so prince could find wife
Stepsisters made Cinderella do all the preparation, like their dresses and shoes
Stepmother wouldn’t let Cinderella go unless she picked up all the grain from the ashes in 2 hours.
She called on the pigeons and they helped her pick them up.
The step mother did it again and Cinderella was only given 1 hour this time and the pigeons helped again.
After picking up all the grain, she wasn’t allowed to go because she didn’t have anything to wear. (Grimm 021)

• King Hugh Curucha had three daughters- Fair, Brown, and Trembling. Every Sunday, Fair and Brown went with their new dresses to church. Trembling was not allowed to go because she was the most beautiful. She stayed home to do the cooking and cleaning. After seven years of this, the Prince of Emania fell in love with the oldest, Fair.
• One day, after Fair and Brown had gone to a church, a hen wife approached Trembling and asked why she was cooking and not at church. She told the hen wife she didn’t have nice enough clothes. The hen wife told Trembling she would provide her a better dress. Trembling asked for a snow white dress and green shoes. The hen wife put on a cloak of darkness and cut a piece of Trembling’s clothes, then asked for the requested dress and shoes. She returned with Trembling’s new outfit and a beautiful milk-white mare for her to ride on. The hen wife told Trembling to not go in the church and to leave the very minute Mass is over. They attempted to chase her down when they saw her beauty, but she got away. The sisters Fair and Brown were amazed ("Fair, Brown, and Trembling- An Irish Cinderella").
By: Caroline Brooks
Ileana DeJesus
Abigail Dingess
Emilie Thuman

"A dream is a wish your heart makes..."
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(Walt Disney ).
The Beginning
• Widower and his daughter. He gave her everything that she ever wanted but felt she needed a mother’s care.
• Remarried a woman with 2 daughters( Anastasia and Drizella)
• Soon after the death of Cinderella’s father, the true colors of the step mother and sisters came out. They became jealous of Cinderella’s beauty.
• Cinderella was abused and forced to work as a maid while the sisters enjoyed all the luxury and fortune that once belonged to Cinderella’s father. But through it all she remained kind and gentle.
• She believed someday her dreams of happiness would come true.
• She had many animal friends: blue birds, mice (Jaq and Gus), and her dog, who helped her with chores.
• In the kingdom, the king was growing tired and feared he would not see his grandchildren before his passing. So he arranged a ball in which his son would attend and find a wife.
• A letter was sent out to all the girls of the kingdom to attend the ball.
• The step mother told Cinderella that she may attend if she was to find something wear and she must get all of her chores done. This was a trick (Disney).

The Middle
• Cinderella originally was going to use her mother’s dress in which the mice and birds fixed up for her, but when she comes out to the carriage the sisters become angry and tear her dress to shreds and leave her behind. She then runs to her garden and begins to cry.
• Suddenly, a fairy godmother appears to grant all her wishes. Cinderella is given a beautiful dress, and horse drawn carriage (made from a pumpkin), and also a pair of glass slippers. But it all only lasts until midnight. Once the clock strikes 12 the spell is broken.
• At the ball as all the maidens arrive, the prince meets them all, but is bored with them. But when Cinderella arrives, he is taken by surprise and is in ‘Ah’ by her beauty. The step mother and stepsisters do not recognize her.
• They then dance for the remainder of the night.
• But when everything seemed to go perfectly the clock strikes 12. When she runs she leaves behind her shoe. Soon the magic wears off, but the shoes remain.
• Prince then makes a decree that he will not rest until he finds the girl he danced with that night. He will go to every home and every maiden is to try on the shoe. Whoever the shoe fits will be his bride (Disney).

• Soon the step mother realizes that Cinderella was the girl at the ball and locks her up in the attic, so she cannot try on the shoe.
• The step sisters both try on the shoe, but it is too small for their big feet.
• Just in time, Cinderella is freed by the mice so she can try on the shoe. When the step mother sees her, she drops the shoe to shatter it. But Cinderella had the other shoe, tried it on, and it fit perfectly.
• She and prince married and lived happily ever after (Disney).

The End
The Beginning

Mary Santiago (played by Selena Gomez) is an orphan and left in the care of the famous pop-star ,Dominique Blatt.
Dominique Blatt has two evil-hearted daughters, Brit and Bree, who force Mary to do all their chores around the huge Blatt mansion.
Brit and Bree are extremely jealous of Mary's God-given talent of dance.
One day the famous singer and dancer, Joey Parker, returns to L.A. to live a "normal life" and to remember why he started dancing while attending the same high school as all three of the girls (Sellers).
The Middle

Naturally, Mary's "stepsisters" want Joey Parker to love them, but his eyes are set on Mary.
Soon the local high school throws a large black and white masquerade ball for Valentine's Day.
Mary is given a huge chores by Dominique so that she cannot possibly attend the ball.
Mary's best friend, Tami, secretly gets Mary a red dress, shoes and helps with her chore so that she can attend the ball.
At the ball, Mary and Joey dance with each other and Joey takes off his mask to show Mary who he really is, but Mary runs.
And as she runs away she drops her mp3 player and leaves it behind (Sellers).
The Middle
The End
The End

Joey Parker picks up the mp3 player and is determined to find the girl whom it belongs to, he tells people that if they know the top four most played songs then he will know that that girl is the one.
Britt and Bree are eager to prove that they are the one that he danced with and research the songs on Mary's computer.
They tell Joey the name of the songs and he is skeptical, he doesn't believe them because the two girls have no rhythm.
Soon enough, Joey finds out that the mp3 player is actually Mary's and they start dating (Sellers).
Cinderella cried to the tree because she couldn’t go to the festival
Asked the brirds for silver and gold
Birds gave her gold and silver dress and shoes for the festival
No one recognized her and she danced with the prince all night
Wanted to go home, prince wanted to take her, she said no and hid in pigeon coop
When her family got home Cinderella was by the ashes
Day 2 of festival prince wouldn’t let her dance with anyone else
She left and prince followed her into garden
She hid in pear tree, they cut tree down and she wasn’t there
She left the 3rd day and the prince set a trap (he covered the stairs in pitch)
She lost her left gold shoe (Grimm 021)
Prince told her father the owner of the slipper was who he was going to marry
Sisters heard and were happy. Prince came to their house
Gave shoes to oldest sister, it didn’t fit so she cut off her big toe
Pigeons said she wasn’t the one
Prince goes back and asks for younger sister. Shoe didn’t fit so she cuts off her heel
Pigeons said she wasn’t the one
Prince asks for other daughter. Dad sends for Cinderella
The shoe fits perfectly
Pigeons said she was the one
At wedding sisters came to get favor of Cinderella, walk behind the couple
Birds peck out their eyes
Punishment with blindness rest of life (Grimm 021)
Original/ Historical Event
• Rhodopis was a Greek woman who was sold into slavery in Egypt.
• She was constantly taunted by the other slave girls for looking differently. She was so pretty that her master showered her in gifts including golden shoes.
• The Pharaoh was hosting a ball, but the servant girls gave her many chores to do so she could not attend.
• As they left to attend the ball she began to wash clothes at the bank and water splashed on her shoes. She then put them out in the sun to dry.
• As she continued her chores, a falcon dived down and snatched up one of her shoes. The Pharaoh at the ball when suddenly a falcon dropped a shoe into his lap.
• He then sends out a decree to all of Egypt, declaring that every woman was to try on the shoe and whoever it fit, he would take as a wife.
• The Pharaoh travelled Egypt and forced all maidens to try on the slipper and finally reached Rhodopis’ home. All the maidens ran out to the Pharaoh but Rhodopis stayed and hid in the bushes.
• Eventually the Pharaoh spied her hiding in the bushes and asked her to try on the slipper. She slipped her foot in and it fit perfectly, and the Pharaoh and Rhodopis got married (Egyptian Cinderella).

• This happened two more times, once with a dress of black satin, and a black horse; and again with a red and white dress, white horse with blue and gold spots on its body. By the third time Trembling did this, she was famous throughout the world. Prince of Emania gave up Fair to wait for the mysterious woman outside of the church. She was only able to get away after the Prince had taken her shoe. The prince told his brothers he had to have this mysterious woman. The brothers were upset and said he had to win her by sword and fighting, not only by shoe. Together they looked for the woman. Women of the town attempted to fit into the shoes, one cutting of her big toe and another stuffing the tip of her stocking. The shoe fit only Trembling, and the Prince knew she was the woman. The men of the world then wanted to fight over her. For five days the Prince of Emania fought hard for Trembling, and he won ("Fair, Brown, and Trembling- An Irish Cinderella").
• The two were married. Eventually, they had a son. Trembling sent for her older sister Fair to tend to her and her child. One day the sisters were walking. Out of jealousy Fair pushed Trembling into the water where she was swallowed by a whale. Fair then pretended to be her sister and lied to the prince, saying that she was Trembling and Fair had gone home.
• On the day Trembling got pushed into the sea, a cowboy was watching and saw what Fair had done. The next day he witnessed the whale come and throw up Trembling on the shore. She told the cowboy he must get her husband to come rescue her, for the whale would only throw her up three times, and after that, she would be trapped forever. They only way her husband could save her was to hit a reddish-brown spot under the whale’s fin (Fair, Brown, and Trembling) . She sent him to her husband but Fair gave him a drink that made him forget. He confessed to Trembling the next day he never told the prince. Trembling sent him again and the next time the cowboy did what was asked. On the third and final day of the whale throwing up Trembling, the Prince came down and saved her. When the King of Curucha heard what his daughter had done, he was angered and shipped Fair off in a barrel to die on the ocean. Trembling eventually had a baby girl and she married the cowboy. The Prince of Emania and Trembling lived together until they died ("Fair, Brown, and Trembling- An Irish Cinderella").

• The female protagonist is already a princess
• The sisters are all fully blood related
• She is visited by a hen wife
• Church is the forbidden event
• Rides a different horse every time
• Marries the prince
• Gets eaten by a whale
• Prince saves her by killing something
• Father sends Fair, the eldest sister, to her death in a barrel on the ocean
• The Prince and Trembling have 14

The Differences

Mary Santiago does not really remember her mother and father.
Her "sisters" are jealous of her talent and beauty.
She is not allowed to go to the school dance.
She drops an mp3 player, not a shoe
Her sisters soon try desperately to keep her from getting the mp3 back.
Eventually, Joey Parker realizes that it was Mary all along and they start dating.
The movie never shows if they get married (Sellers).
The main character's name is Cinderella.
She has no blood relation with her step sisters.
She would be allowed to go to the ball if she were to finish all of the chores (trick).
Her magical helper was a Fairy Godmother.
She was given a beautiful dress, glass slippers, and a horse drawn carriage made from a pumpkin.
She goes to the ball and dances with the Prince all night.
The clock strikes 12 and the magic begins to wear off.
She runs, but looses a shoe in the process.
The stepmother recognizes her when the search for the girl from the ball begins (Disney).
The sisters are really step sisters
Cinderella has to complete tasks to go to the festival
Still isn't allowed to go because she doesn't have clothes
Prays to tree on mom's grave and the birds bring her dress and shoes
Goes to the festival 3 nights
Loses shoe on the last night
Sisters cu off their heel and toe so that they can fit in the shoe
The 2 sisters have their eyes plucked out by birds at the end of the wedding.
(Brothers, Grimm. CInderella. Digital image. Ucdavis.edu. N.p., n.d. Web. 14 Oct. 2015.)
DePaoli, Tommy. Cinderella Picture. Digital image. Moviepilot.com. Movie Pilot, n.d. Web. 14 Oct. 2015.
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