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Urban Outfitters

No description

Elyse Cooper

on 13 November 2014

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Transcript of Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters
-Teenagers (Middle School- College)
-Middle Class- Higher Class
-People with slimmer figures (XS-Large)
-People with individuality

Target Market/Demographic


-Established in 1970 in Philadelphia
-Headquarters is in Philadelphia
Employee Interview

Do you think there is a certain look the company goes for when hiring employees?
"They look for individuality"
Do you think there is a certain crowd that the company tries to attract as customers?
"There is an age range maybe 18-26"
-Maisha at Fashion Valley Mall Urban Outfitters
Groups Excluded
-Overweight People

-Mostly slim, white models
- Easy to Navigate
-Simple Layout
Controversy-Urban Outfitters Offensive Clothing
Kent State Sweatshirt

Star of David Shirt
Obama/Black Shirt
Who is Hired?
Likes: Fashion, Art, Music, Creative Environments and Inspiring People

Dislikes: Mean People and Boring Junk
-Diversity in Workers
-Most workers about 20 or older
Depression Shirt
Eat Less
Elyse Cooper
Emerald Forrest
Serena Van
Clair Zimmermann
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