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Being a Responsible Citizen

No description

Sierra Wooden

on 20 September 2013

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Transcript of Being a Responsible Citizen

Being a Responsible Citizen
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Today we will learn...
Today we will learn about citizenship and how to be a good citizen.
Caring for the Environment
Citizens give their time, money, and skills to help make their communities a better place to live. These people work for the
common good
, or the good of everyone.
What is a citizen?
What is a responsibility?
is something that you should do like your homework, chores, or following the rules.
NCSCOS Competency Goal 1
: The learner will characterize qualities of good citizenship by identifying people who made a difference in the community and other social environments.

NCSCOS Standards
1.01 Identify and demonstrate characteristics of responsible citizenship and explain how citizen participation can impact changes within a community.
1.03 Identify and explain the importance of civic responsibility, including but not limited to, obeying laws and voting.
1.05 Suggest responsible courses of action in given situations and assess the consequences of irresponsible behavior.
Many people help their communities by working as
. A volunteer is someone who works without pay.
lead the community, help keep us safe or have special jobs that help the community run smoothly.
is a member of a group or community.
How Can We Volunteer?
Volunteers help their community in many ways!
Tree Map
Collecting food for those who need it like at a Food Bank.
Helping to rebuild homes after a dangerous storm.
Collecting food for those who need it like a Clothes Drive.
As good citizens, we must obey the
. A
is a rule that tells us how to behave.
What is a law?
Zach Adriana Seveen
Misael Cynthia Bryanna
Shaela Kaymon Kodey
Keimi Shania Isaiah
Sarah Cooper Schimya
Group Leader
Materials Manager
Time Keeper
Create a presentation about citizenship.
Poster Board
Brainstorm for 5-10 mins
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