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Meaning and Nature of Community

No description

Samantha Mercado

on 28 June 2015

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Transcript of Meaning and Nature of Community

describes community as consisting of persons in social interaction within a geographic area and having one or more additional common ties.
A community may also be viewed as a process or a movement toward unity in the system of social life, an ongoing movement which is never completed or finished (Martindale, 1984).
Osborn and Neumeyer (1933)
define community as a group of people living in a contiguous geographic area, having common centers of interest and activities, and functioning together in the chief concern of life.
Ma'am Segunda Luneta Cassanova
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No. of Pages: 5
What is a COMMUNITY?
Horton (1984)
A community is a place where one lives, works, and plays.
A community denotes a group of people occupying a definite territory, living together with families, and the neighborhood.
A community is a social group with some degree of "we feeling," living in a given area.
Community is a set of primary and secondary groups in which the individual carries out important life functions
defines community as a local grouping within which people carry out a full round of life activities
Meaning and Nature of Community
Hillery (Poplin, 1972)
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