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Intro & Chapter 1

Journalism Next by Mark Briggs

Jon Zmikly

on 9 September 2013

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Transcript of Intro & Chapter 1

Journalism Next, Mark Briggs
We Are All Web Workers Now
First book, "Journalism 2.0" available free at www.kcnn.org/resources
The future is now, and journalists must evolve
Journalism is about people, not technology
Newspapers are dying. Why should I get into journalism?
New generation of digital media businesses
New job titles (Hipster mentality: "I'm into jobs that don't exist yet")
Demand for journalism is only growing; the models are starting to look very different
Journalism has a bright future
Bits and bytes?
WHAT is a "Digital Native?"
What's the difference between the internet and the World Wide Web?
Why is Internet Explorer the
worst browser on the planet?
What's a plugin?
RSS: Really Simple Syndication
The "Cloud"?
"I'm not a programmer, I can't do this!"
Web Basics:
"If I had one piece of advice to a journalist starting out now, it would be to learn code"
- Guardian (U.K.) technology editor Charles Arthur
Here's how it works:
1. Web browser finds web page on web server
2. Web browser retrieves web page from web server,
makes a copy on local computer
3. Web browser displays web page on the local computer
You can DO THIS!
1. Open a text editor (Notepad or TextEdit)
2. Create a new document and save your file
with an .html extension (instead of .txt)
3. Type the following and save the page:
CSS: Cascading Style Sheet
Adding Style:
Adds design to HTML structure
Separates design and structure
Journalism has always experienced change
More news organizations
Many smaller, rather than few large ones
New job titles, roles responsibilities
Reinvention is key
The days of turning over digital duties to a team of super geeks are gone
Need an understanding of tech terms and processes
Requires a commitment to continuous learning - we are in a state of constant change
Innovation is key!
What is Web 2.0?
Innovation must be your identity...
...not just an "extra"
View the world with a "Wide Angle Lens"
try things, experiment, be an early adopter
Smaller organizations, covering more niches, hyperlocal
Advice from the Pros:
Learn HTML and CSS
Learn how to read API documentation
Learn how to customize a blog site like Wordpress
Embrace new tools
Burt Herman (left), co-founder of Storify.com
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