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7 Deadly Sins and their Colors

No description

Raychel Anderle

on 20 September 2016

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Transcript of 7 Deadly Sins and their Colors

I believe that blue stands for sloth because blue is a laid back cool kind of color and sloth means laziness.
Room #1 Blue
Room #3 Green
Green is for envy because people are green with envy or jealously.
Room #4 Orange
Orange represents gluttony because orange is an excessive color.
Room #2 Purple
I believe that the color purple represents pride because one of the meanings of purple is conceit which is excessive pride.
7 Deadly Sins and their Colors
Room #5 White
White is wrath because white reminds me of Mackenzie because Mackenzie is an angry person.
Room #6 Violet
Greed is violet because violet also stands for royalty and most royalty is greedy.
Room #7 Black/Red
Black/Red represents lust because most people
believe lust is evil.
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